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  • What Kuh Ledesma learned about love and marriage

    Tonight, Kuh Ledesma gathers her former colleagues from Music & Magic to bring back memories of their 80s glory days in a Valentine concert set for The Theater at Solaire Resort & Casino in Parañaque.

    The fact that it’s been just four months after they mounted their comeback concert in October (17 years after the group disbanded), means all went well with their first. In fact, it was excellently received, says Kuh.

    Which is why, in spite of glut of shows that always mark Valentine’s Day, they’ve decided to go ahead and showcase more of what they do best on February 14.


    So, in keeping of the day of hearts, we had to ask Kuh’s views on love.

    1. True love is pure.

    “Why pure? If we truly love someone, hindi natin yan hahayaan na magkasala. You will always put that person in the highest esteem. Ibig sabihin, (you show) yung respect mo sa taong yon.”

    2. True love is submissive.

    “Ngayon na lang ako natuto yan. Kaya naman nagkaproblema yung marriage ko (with former husband Louie

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  • Meet JB Naganio, the guy behind the high notes of the latest viral vid

    Over the past few days, JB Naganio noticed unusual activity on his Facebook page, which he’s kept largely dormant.

    People he didn’t know began adding him and asking probing questions.

    He found it “surreal” and “awkward” to have strangers wanting to know more about him.

    Simple guy

    After all, the 32 year old told Yahoo Philippines in a message, “I am just a simple guy who just likes to sing.”

    But then that’s exactly why JB attracted attention in the first place.

    Specifically, the high notes he hit on his version of Destiny Child’s “Stand Up for Love,” caught on video by friend Amante Esguerra and duly uploaded to YouTube in early January.

    Can you say viral?

    Though there are reports claiming the video has had millions of views, the ones we found online vary between nearly 400,000 and 17,000 to date.

    Which is significant enough to cause a stir in JB’s life—even if he has returned to the UK where he has worked as a nurse for the last 5 years.

    “I just can't believe that people message me to

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  • 'Beauty and the Beast,' the stage musical, is timeless and magical

    It's a tale as old as time, but it also never gets old.

    The stage adaptation of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” began its Manila run on January 10 as the main theater of the Cultural Center of the Philippines filled with families, towing little girls dressed as Disney princesses.

    With a running time of a little more than two hours (with a 20-minute intermission), the musical remains faithful to the humor, magic and charm of the 1991 animated feature.

    The bookish Belle. (Adrian Bautista/NPPA Images)The bookish Belle. (Adrian Bautista/NPPA Images)

    From screen to stage

    It is especially successful in turning characters like Gaston and his sidekick LeFou into flesh and blood, while retaining all their cartoony looks and mannerisms—including pratfalls accompanied by the requisite sound effects.

    Also fun: Lumiere the candelabra, poofing his candle hands on and off at dramatic moments, and Cogsworth the grandfather clock who grows a wind-up key on his back as the story progresses.

    Other minor characters have been given expanded roles in the musical, including the French-maid-turned

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  • Lani Misalucha wants to retire in 5 years

    If we were to base Lani Misalucha’s career path on the stories her husband Noli told Yahoo Philippines, no one seems more inclined to sabotage her own career than Lani herself.

    Take her plans for the future.

    The 45-year-old Las Vegas-based singer, who is performing tonight at the Araneta Coliseum in La Nightingale, her first major concert in the Philippines after 7 years, just wants to retire real soon.


    “Ayoko naman umabot ng 60 na ganito pa rin nagkakakanta,” the 45-yar-old singer told her husband.

    So, she’s giving herself another 5 years in the biz. Or 10 if forced to.

    But she’s been down that road before.

    Two blows

    Every time she thinks of doing something other than sing, something happens that pulls her back to the limelight.

    Back in 2003, Noli and Lani lost their life savings of some P7-8 million on an investment that turned out to be a pyramiding scam.

    On the same year, she had a miscarriage.


    “I don’t want to call it a misfortune, part yun ng trials sa buhay mo, mga

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  • Lani Misalucha talks openly about her cosmetic surgery

    Not one to shy away from (or deny) the surgical enhancements she underwent, Lani Misalucha is still flabbergasted.

    “Pusskykip!” she screams, laughing so hard, she had to cover her mouth and set the mic down.

    “Yun ba ng tawag doon?! Homaygaaad!!!”


    It’s the press conference of the Las Vegas-based singer to promote La Nightingale, her Dec. 6 concert at the Araneta Coliseum.

    But as is the norm in the freewheeling and always entertaining entertainment press, the questions ping in wild directions.

    This time, the 45-year-old singer was asked if she was willing to do an Ai Ai de las Alas and undergo the “pusskykip” procedure. De las Alas famously endorsed a vaginal tightening procedure.


    “Wala bang scientific name doon,” Misalucha asks before dissolving in another fit of laughter.

    An online search yields the following: vaginoplasty, labiaplasty; some refer to it as "vaginal rejuvenation" and work on achieving a "designer vagina."

    While the singer says she’ll pass on such

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