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  • Gambles that paid off for Tom Rodriguez

    If one word describes Tom Rodriguez, it is simply this: HOT!

    Who would believe that this theatre singer/actor and "Pinoy Big Brother" alum would create such big waves and create a stir in the entertainment world, particularly on primetime TV.

    While he did make an impact in such ABS-CBN shows like "Angelito: Batang Ama" and "Be Careful with My Heart," Tom became a revelation as an actor when landed the role of Vincent in the controversial and successful gay-themed drama "My Husband’s Lover" on GMA Network.


    Since then, eyes were glued on the actor, who is now a leading fixture in Kapuso programs, such as the current "My Destiny" and the game show "Don’t Lose the Money," which he hosts.

    Attribute his current popularity to his versatility as an actor, singer and host and to his undeniable charisma.

    Tom's success in "My Husband’s Lover," which even garnered an international Emmy nomination this year, it shows just how Tom’s frequent gambles in life have paid off—from the time he

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  • Primetime fare worth watching

    The excitement over the recent spate of groundbreaking teleseryes have lingered largely because they pushed the envelope as far as primetime storytelling is concered.

    Bringing in a stellar cast may bring in ratings victory, but today’s teleseryes have gone beyond that and now present fresh storylines told in a compelling way. Throwing in names like Piolo Pascual or Kim Chiu is no longer just enough.

    Today, the writer’s imagination and the director’s magic have taken over and made teleseryes unforgettable and truly captivating. From the visuals to the performances, teleseryes are now making the onset of primetime worth the daylong anticipation.

    New themes

    But the biggest factor that differentiates today’s teleseryes from what they once were is the choice of themes that “scandalize” or were taboo in the past but succeed in “engaging” and “educating” viewers.

    At their best, these soaps chip away at stereotypes and urge viewers to think beyond the usual, to wit: “Ganoon pala magmahal ang

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  • Celebrities Giving Back: The Kris Aquino most of us don’t know

    Many things have been said about Kris Aquino—some nasty, some sweet, some strange, some true. And, as her reputation precedes her, rarely do we get the big picture about Kris, with cruel posts on social media further clouding our judgment of her.

    All these fuel the dichotomy of our perception: is Kris really the clueless, arrogant, overbearing character people love to hate? Or is she just speaking her mind, and keeping us and her willing bashers entertained?

    We also know about Kris’s generosity even if her charity is greeted with raised eyebrows or even laughter.

    Spreading her wealth

    Certainly, if she can give a Hummer to a dear friend or Rolexes to co-stars, can you imagine what she donates to causes and charities?

    Far more than any other showbiz personality, Kris consistently spreads her largesse.

    She makes regular substantial donations to such institutions as Gawad Kalinga, World Vision and the Philippine National Red Cross.

    Her charities

    For Gawad Kalinga, Kris bankrolled the

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  • Success Beyond Showbiz: Marvin Agustin, the restaurant mogul

    Who can forget the cheesy lines that bombarded audiences of those 90s teen flicks, particularly those from the overeager boy-next-door romantic named Marvin Agustin?

    We saw him destined for greater things.

    And he fulfilled that promise—in showbiz and beyond it.

    50 restos, 11 brands

    And what he did offcam seemed grander, with rewards more bountiful and enduring. In fact, his success away from tinseltown bears emulation, if stars are wise enough to think beyond the present.

    As many of you already know, Marvin the heartthrob is now Marvin the chief of a growing restaurant empire. While he certainly had help, Marvin has carved out a niche in his mostly fusion concept restaurants that have become fixtures in major malls.

    With partners Ricky Laudico and Raymund Magdaluyo, Marvin has now opened nearly 50 restaurants nationwide encompassing 11 brands—SumoSam, Kung Fu Kitchen, Tokyo Grill, John & Yoko, Mr. Kurosawa, Johnny Chow, Marciano’s, Komrad, Robotosan, Gambino and his latest, the buffet

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  • Enrique Gil: No overnight sensation

    No one could ignore this dashing, talented hunk when he first set foot on ABS-CBN in 2007.

    Yet, he also happened to be just another cute guy from a TV commercial when the Kapamilya network decided to take him in as part of its Star Magic Circle.

    Seven years later, he is now one of the premier talents of the network and one of the most popular matinee idols in the industry. Indeed, Enrique Gil was no overnight sensation. He patiently rose from the ranks of the network’s immense talent pool.

    Waiting for his big break

    His first three years in the industry saw a promising actor waiting for his big break.

    Enrique first starred in bit roles in the primetime hit “I Love Betty La Fea” and the afternoon drama “Pieta.” Although he was given a project to showcase his performance skills in “ShoutOut” and “ASAP” as a host, Enrique was still an unnamed face in the first Kathryn Bernardo-Julia Montes starrer, the remake of “Mara Clara,” taking the role of Mara’s debut escort.

    Enrique also settled for

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