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  • Who's sick of the Vhong-Deniece-Cedric story? Not the media

    Despite all the pleas we see on social media to stop posting and commenting about the Vhong Navarro incident, we can’t help but extend the “agony” with a postscript, particularly on the reasons why this is such a compelling a story—not only for the entertainment press but for respected journos, intellectuals and legal experts.

    Lawyer Harry Roque was right: only “Filipinos from Mars” don’t know about what happened to Vhong on the night of January 22.

    And, who could keep one Teddy Boy Locsin from putting in his two cents , albeit in a hilarious tone. (After posing a volley of questions about the incident, he asks, “And finally, why must there be an ‘h’ in Vhong’s name?”)


    The stuff of 'dreams'

    This early, one can say that this should be the biggest showbiz story of the year, unless something more sensational, more absurd or more controversial crops up.

    Not only is it the stuff of dreams for the controversy-driven entertainment media, it has a storyline so gripping as that not even a

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  • Bossing, please tell Pauleen not to worry

    Vic Sotto (File photo, NPPA Images)

    It’s obvious Vic Sotto doesn’t get it.

    And to top it all off, he even admitted he has not read it. But he responded anyway, dismissing it as just one of those conventional showbiz brickbats.

    Lourde de Veyra’s “open letter” was the only critique about Vic’s Metro Maniila Film Fesival (MMFF) 2013 film My Little Bossings, and his entire filmography that really nailed it. It was really less about what the film missed out, as those were already the subject of most reviews. It was more of what De Veyra felt Vic can do more with the immense power or influence he exudes in the industry, the clout he enjoys, and the “bossing” that he is in churning out box-office winners.

    Constructive comment

    Actually, the context was constructive, even helpful for Vic in charting his career further.

    Yet, the tragedy of it all is that Vic is seemingly out of it, and wants none of it—to the point of trivializing it. Why should he think of it as an “attack”, most surprising of which was that it so “offended” his
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  • Should KC bid farewell?

    KC Concepcion (File photo, NPPA Images)

    It was a sad farewell.

    And very abrupt. Who would think KC Concepcion, now taking her acting chops seriously with her critically-acclaimed performance in “Boy Golden,” would decide to take a break from showbiz to concentrate on studies abroad?

    On Instagram on Thursday, January 16, she made it official:

    “Goodbye for now, Manila! All set to take on a new adventure. (love, travel) #cloudimmigrant"

    KC's post on her Instagram account

    Obviously it is really more than what it seems.

    The Dyesebel factor

    KC had been primed up for the role of the reincarnated Mars Ravelo character Dyesebel. But in a sudden turn of developments (and fortunes), the role went to Anne Curtis, who had just emerged from that unfortunate controversy late last year.

    KC’s decision, which came immediately after the ABS-CBN announcement, was her apparent reaction. Although she never mentioned it in any of her recent social networking posts, media was quick to conclude this.

    Who wouldn’t? The suddenness is key, showing a hint of what went
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  • Love guru turns robot maker

    Joe D' Mango (Contributed photo)Who can forget “Love Notes,” the popular radio show that made the love advice genre on the FM band a necessary item on any station’s programming set? Those awkward situations, shocking realities and incredible stories read on-air reflect  the common Filipino love experience.

    Who can forget the DJ who read those letters, whose wisdom people sought to solve their troubles, whose voice is so comforting and reassuring, anyone felt better after listening to him? Yes, Joe D’ Mango was an early morning fare no one could miss, as  homes, offices, even retail stores and banks go to a grinding halt as people stayed glued to the radio to hear the stories and Joe’s pieces of advice.

    The success of “Love Notes” on radio made the show expand to the print medium. A newspaper column and a bestseller paperback were born out of it . His popular program spawned several other similarly-themed shows in other radio stations and eventually led to the “in-your-face” genre of  Papa Jack’s immensely-popular
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  • Vice Ganda is top Pinoy influencer on Twitter

    Vice Ganda (NPPA Images)

    Vice Ganda soars anew this yearend, not only because his Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy has raked in over P200 million in the box office in just five days. The feat mimics the success of Vice’s previous MMFF film, Sisterakas, which earned over P340 million, making it the highest- grossing Filipino film of all time.

    If Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy surpasses Sisterakas, it means moviegoers have spent nearly a billion pesos watching Vice Ganda’s films—a phenomenal roll starting from The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin in 2011 that yielded about P331 million.

    This proves Vice’s incredible talent, immense popularity and all-encompassing influence in what he says, what he projects on TV, how he brings his golden touch on the silver screen, and recently, his stature as the 2013 top Filipino influencer on the microblogging site Twitter.

    After three straight years of bagging the Yahoo! OMG! Award for Best Male Comedian, Vice has clinched this new special
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