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  • Facing a ‘stronger’ Heart

    It’s hard to say if the current issue surrounding Heart and her family is the toughest challenge in her life so far. Many people may admire Heart for sticking by Sen. Chiz Escudero through these very tough times yet some may condemn her for not following her parents’ wishes to break up with her boyfriend.
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    For the actress, one thing is for sure - this experience is making her a ‘stronger’ person. In an interview with Yahoo! Philippines OMG! held in Palawan recently, Heart Evangelista makes it clear that she is surviving this obstacle by being true to herself.
    “Artistas my age haven’t gone through the things that I’ve gone through. Like I said from the beginning of time I’m a very honest person… I’m very transparent. What you see is what you get. ‘I date this person, this happened to me and I have to be honest about it… because of that I developed a backbone,” Heart says.
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  • The Harlem Shake Alabang Boys Remix

    This dance craze has finally reached Philippine shores.

    After a group of friends led by LA Aguinaldo saw the “Harlem Shake” video, they immediately made their version.

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    LA tapped his friends Miguel Sotto, Alecee Eeles, Andrew Laxa, Carlo Atendido, Joey Gutierrez and even Sotto's helpers Ate Lisa and Ate Jeny to perform the 'Harlem Shake' inside the house of Sotto. Little did they know that their video will become popular. As of this writing, the video has collected more than 28,000 hits on Youtube.

     “Harlem Shake” is the latest dance craze that has become viral. It starts with a person dancing in a crowd to the music 'Harlem Shake.' Then, the rest explodes into crazy fits as the beat goes faster. What makes this different is that the dance is not synchronized, unlike the now famous Gangnam-style.

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  • A review: ‘Shake Rattle and Roll 14: The Invasion’

    Watching  ‘Shake Rattle and Roll’ films can be tough. For one, there’s less screen time for every story. Thus the viewer is less emotionally-invested in the characters and even in the supernatural beings.

    Second, episodes sometimes dive into the ‘killer’ scenes immediately and the story-telling aspect always ends up the victim.

    Last, since there are a lot of actors to watch, performances are usually hit-and-miss.

    ‘Shake Rattle and Roll 14: The Invasion’ unfortunately is no different. However there are a lot of great moments and these scenes make the entire movie worth it.

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    Donald (Herbert Bautista), Myra (Janice de Belen), Faye (Arlene Muhlach) and their ‘radical’-speaking cousin (Eri Neeman) find out that they will inherit P20-M from their dead uncle. But there’s a catch. They will get it in a month and only the surviving family members get to share the money. Also, they will receive his old comics featuring iconic supernatural

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  • Capping off the exciting year of Only On OMG!

    We see the faces and performances of our favorite stars constantly, whether in television, movies, internet and in billboards. However, it is not every day that we get into their minds and find out about their thoughts on their success and their careers.

    On Only On OMG!, we get a rare look into the exciting events in the lives of celebrities and get to hear their thoughts.  We join Piolo Pascual as he posed for  a photo shoot for a men’s magazine, visited Aljur Abrenica in their film location, chat with Pokwang on the set of her Star Cinema movie, dance with Alden Richards during a Party Pilipinas rehearsal and even celebrate Ruffa Gutierrez’ birthday.

    Who could also forget BB Gandanghari’s revelations to the show, Amalia Fuentes’ advice to young actresses as well as Gerald Anderson, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim’s heartfelt interviews?

    But what’s a year without all the fun? Melai jokes with us during a Banana Split taping, Jade Lopez and Danielle Castano allow us to some sexy playtime moments,

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  • Welcome to ‘Graceland’, welcome to hell

    A scene from Graceland (Publicity photo)It is not very often that we stumble upon a film that's so raw and gripping that we have to catch our breath just to make it to the ending. This is the feeling that audiences should expect when they watch the film 'Graceland' written and directed by Ron Morales.

    The Story

    The film centers on Marlon Villar, the family driver of Congressman Manuel Chango. Life hasn't been easy for this guy. With a little daughter to send to school and a wife confined to the hospital, Marlon is indeed lucky just to get by. One day while he is driving his own daughter and his boss' daughter to school, they fall victim to a kidnapping attempt. During the incident, he got knocked out by the perpetrator. Not to give anything away, but what happens next is a dark, scary and downward dive to the pits of modern-day hell.

    Can he save his own daughter?  Well it all depends on Marlon's next moves. However the bigger question is will he be able to save his own soul when all that matters to him is slowly being

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