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  • More and more of the same

    Melissa Ricks is the lead star of "Nasaan Ka, Elisa?" (Ibarra Siapno, NPPA Images)

    I was just cracking up when I read the following post from a certain Jonathan Anthony Lapuz aka "Sweet" on a Facebook page dedicated to television workers and practitioners.  Sweet posted this on Think TV:

    Oo nga. Pare-pareho. Si Gardo hinahanap yung anak nya. Si Zsazsa hinahanap yung anak nya. Si Coney hinahanap yung anak nya. Si Claudine hinahanap yung anak nya. Si Ogie hinahanap yung anak nya. Yung Chinese hinahanap yung anak nya. And to top it all, si Agot hinahanap si Elisa. Hahaha. Makahanap sana ng ibang hahanapin.

    And not that this was any surprise at all since anyone who watches early or late afternoon as well as prime time telenovelas know that each and every plot has become one and the same.  What is shocking (more so amusing) is that not only are the story lines similar --- but they have practically popped out of the same cookie cutter.

    Now every show is looking for a lost child.  There was a time that almost every other telenovela had one character suffering from amnesia. 

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  • Being Anne Curtis

    Anne Curtis during the press launch of "No Other Woman" last September (Jerome Ascano, NPPA Images)

    Oh, come on. Let's face it.  She can even pick her nose and you can rest assured that people will fall in line to watch her.

    Now is her time and it is not like she is this overnight sensation.  She has been around since the time when Bobby and Angelu were still flashing goo-goo eyes to each other and Dingdong Dantes was still this chubby Tisoy tween.  All the years of waiting and literally growing up in front of the eyes of the public have finally paid off.  It is quite clear (and beyond argument) that 2011 is the year of the Aussie-Pinay named Anne Curtis-Smith.

    Moral lesson

    There is a moral lesson here somewhere and it somehow defies what we understand as convention.  Anne did not force herself through with scandals, pop out of nowhere or made her mark to the top by playing to an audience via reality show.  Neither was she a grand winner of a network sponsored contest meant to make stars out of ordinary mall-addicted mortals.

    As a matter of fact, she started out as a pixie tween

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  • Holy Smoke!

    Nora Aunor (Jerome Ascano, NPPA Images)After almost eight years of self-imposed exile in the U.S., the icon Nora Aunor returns to our sacred shores.

    She is welcomed with open arms by her fans.  Now an exclusive performer for TV5, she comes home as a Kapatid with no less than the equally legendary Mario O' Hara directing her mini-series.  As part of her bienvenida, Ate Guy is feted with interviews and testimonials.

    This is the reason why she is on the cover of one of the most popular and bestselling monthly entertainment magazines in the country.  And she poses for the photographer in what could be considered as one of the most interesting pictures ever captured of the Superstar.

    Nora Aunor, in black and white, staring straight at the camera with her lioness eyes that speak a thousand words without single utterance, holding a cigarette and announcing to the republic that indeed she is back.  But wait, wait! She is holding a cigarette?

    I started smoking when I was only sixteen years old.  Starting with Marlboro Reds, I

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  • Carabao English

    Philippine flag (AP photo)To think that this all started because of a rather insensitive article suggesting that the national tongue ---- Filipino (not Pilipino) --- is not the language of the intelligent discourse.

    Of course such blatant elitism will not go unnoticed.  There may be great dismay about the declining quality of English speakers among Filipinos but to make such a hasty and sweeping pronouncement is like walking around with a time bomb hanging from your neck and waiting for someone to detonate the explosives.  Perhaps if we were in the early part of the 1960s when elementary schools had little announcements strategically placed on hallways and corridors demanding "SPEAK ENGLISH", then many will not be surprised.  But this is the 21st century.

    You have nationalist party lists recognized by Congress. Filipino is still the predominant language in the most powerful media in the country: television. (Remember that even our Korean and Taiwanese telenovela idols sputter impressively synched and perfect

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  • Crowning the universe

    Shamcey Supsup (Getty Images)OK, let's get back to normal.

    There was a joke posted on Facebook the night before that all the beauty parlors and salons in Metro Manila would be closed the whole morning until noon because all its owners and employees will be glued to the satellite telecast of the 2011 Miss Universe beauty pageant staged at Sao Paulo, Brazil.  In a way the joke became quite real.  Like a Pacquiao fight, Filipinos who could spare time off on a Tuesday remained glued to their TV sets to see if the fearless forecasts will come true. Will beauty-meets-brainy Shamcey Supsup of GenSan finally end the nearly four decades of drought of the country not claiming the most coveted beauty title crown?

    No 'major, major' moments

    Well, we all knew the answers two and a half hours later:  Miss Philippines bagged third runner up.  This is a marked improvement from Venus Raj's fifth place last year --- but that is now considered ancient history.  This time, Shamcey did not have any "major major" moments.

    As a matter of

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