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  • Music in shopping centers featured in photo exhibit

    I have been dropping by Tiendesitas for several years now, shooting a lot of their music events.

    Their lineup varies with artists coming from various eras of the music scene from Juan Dela Cruz Band to The Dawn, Razorback to Color It Red and Sugarfree, among many others.

    In addition, another property belonging to the Tiendesitas group, Greenhills Shopping Center, holds “Sessionistas” each year, a competition for new bands, but with the special participation of legendary musicians including Mike Elgar, Cooky Chua and the late Karl Roy.


    Kat Agarrado of SinoSikat? in one of her guest performances at Greenhills Sessionistas. (Photo by Niña Sandejas)Not just shopping

    But it seems that both places are still thought of strictly as shopping centers. We don’t normally associate Tiendesitas and Greenhills as venues for music.

    To highlight the music events that have been happening in Tiendesitas, I’ve been asked to mount an exhibit called “Ang Inyong Awitin,” taken off Juan de la Cruz Band’s groundbreaking song “Ang Himig Natin.”

    The exhibit, which is ongoing until April 20, features the photographs I’ve

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  • Tres Marias: when 3 Pinoy music legends become 1

    There seemed like no better time to release the much-awaited self-titled EP of Tres Marias than on Women’s Month.

    Lovely, formidable and legendary, the ladies who make up Tres Marias are Cooky Chua, Bayang Barrios and Lolita Carbon.

    (Photo by Niña Sandejas)After years of jamming together and ending up in the same events, some of which were rallies supporting reproductive health, it seemed like a natural progression to get together and form Tres Marias.



    Besides, each woman was a fan of the other. Bayang Barrios recalls listening to Asin, the 70s folk rock trio featuring Lolita Carbon, back when she was in high school. This admiration and respect led to the trio’s friendship, making their performances look natural and easy.

    Tres Marias’ dynamic comes from their distinct voices. They bring to the group their different musical backgrounds.

    Lolita Carbon was with the iconic Asin, Cooky Chua still gigs with Color It Red and Bayang Barrios is a world music goddess, having begun with Joey Ayala’s Ang Bagong

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  • Rolling Stones Singapore concert simulcast for free on 14-meter outdoor screens

    Happening on March 15

    Fresh off their packed gig in Macau, the Rolling Stones are flying to Singapore next, where tickets to their show sold out 2 ½ hours after they were released.

    Considering the age of the band members (Mick Jagger is 70), many were disappointed to be missing what could be the last Asian tour of the Stones.

    Yet die-hard fans will still be able to experience the Singapore leg of the band’s 14 ON FIRE tour, thanks to the “Marina Bay Sands Rocks Singapore Festival.” It will simulcast the Rolling Stones concert at the MBS outdoor event plaza—absolutely free.


    Live feed
    There’s still time for Pinoys to fly to Singapore and become a part of the free outdoor party.

    “We take great pride in giving back to the local community in meaningful ways through Sands for Singapore,” said George Tanasijevich, CEO of Marina Bay Sands.

    “By securing this live feed of The Rolling Stones 14 On Fire, we will give all fans the chance to enjoy the best of global entertainment in a unique manner,” he added.



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  • #Malasimbo2014: a festival that feeds heart and soul

    Now on its fourth year, the Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival, held from February 27 to March 3 in Puerto Galera, Mindoro, has created a loyal following.

    Fans come back year after year, not only for the music, but also because of the culture and vibe of the fest.

    Said Flow artist and instructor of Planet Zips Poi Philippines Paulino Servado, “A perfect outdoors festival venue, set atop Mt. Malasimbo on the beautiful island of Puerto Galera, soundtracked by diverse local ad international musical acts—obviously chosen with taste and education in mind. No other local festival like it.”

    Servado has attended the festival three years in a row.

    A blend of local and international acts

    This year, he and a few thousand others, got to listen to a blend of local and international artists like Low Leaf (a Pinay from California), June Marieezy (another Pinay transplanted from Texas), Crowns Down, the local Malasimbo Ensemble, Aussie artist Jordan Rakei, Omar, music legends Roy Ayers and Robert

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  • 15 types of concertgoers: which one are you?

    It seems that the number of music events has increased dramatically in the last five years, with concerts and festivals like the recent 7107 International Music Festival in Pampanga and the Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival happening this weekend in Puerto Galera, Mindoro popping up left and right.

    It’s hard not to peg concertgoers if you’ve attended a lot of gigs. Maybe you know some of them; maybe they’re even you! Here are 15 types of concertgoers that you’ll probably see in every gig:


    1. The Crusader. This person will not pay for tickets but will rabidly join online and radio contests for a chance to win their complimentaries. These are the guys you hear screaming excitedly when they’re told by a radio announcer that they just won their freebies.


    2. The Freeloader. That friend who pops up in your life only when they need tickets. A constant problem for those who work in media, PR or production. If you're known to attend solo, these friends will force you to take them along with

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