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Four great ‘We Got Married’ couples

It was recently announced that popular reality television show "We Got Married" has been officially cancelled due to the labor strike in MBC, one of Korea's top television networks. This sad development led me to reminisce on some of my favorite "We Got Married" couples.

The Lettuce Couple (Publicity photo)The Lettuce Couple

The Mature Bride, Kid Groom couple composed of Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo is for me the best "We Got Married" couple of all time. From their awkward meeting in Jeju Island up to their bittersweet goodbye in the same place, the Lettuce Couple showed the qualities of a great marriage including respect, understanding, fun and support. They got their name because of Kim Hyun Joong's unusual emphasis of the Korean word for "lettuce" ("sangchu").  The pair generated such a loyal fan following, they won the MBC Best Couple award in 2008. Their fans hope that they will end up marrying each other in real life. My favorite episodes? The marathon episode where the couple shared their first kiss and, of course, the farm outing where Kim Hyun Joong confesses his love for his "Hwang Buin" (Hwang "Wife") with 1,000 folded paper cranes.

The Sweet Potato Couple (SportsKorea)The Sweet Potato Couple

The YongSeo couple is composed of CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa and Girls' Generation's Seo Hyun. This cute couple, dubbed as the "Sweet Potato" couple, won my heart due to their lovely depiction of "young love." They got the moniker "Sweet Potato" couple due to Seo Hyun's use of the word to secretly reveal her feelings towards discovering who her husband was. I specially appreciated the twist this couple made to the "We Got Married" formula. Instead of starting as a "married" couple, they started their storyline as an "engaged" couple making the progression of their "tv relationship" fun to watch. The "Sweet Potato" couple reminds audiences of the fresh feeling of their "first love" and the "push and pull" that comes with it. My favorite episodes? The one when Yong Hwa gave Seo Hyun his "200th Day" present, the visits to the CNBLUE dormitory and of course, the creation of the "Banmal Song."

Samgyupsal couple (Publicity photo)The Samgyupsal Couple

Composed of 2PM's Nickhun and f(X)'s Victoria, the Samgyupsal Couple  is probably the most popular "We Got Married" couples of all time. They were named after their favorite traditional Korean dish. Also known as Khuntoria, the couple showed the unique partnership of two foreigners living in Korea as Nickhun is from Thailand and Victoria is from China. Amazingly, the two can only understand each other when they speak their second language—Korean! Both are well-known for their unusually high level of "skinship" and public displays of affection which made them interesting to watch. My favorite episodes? The one where they shot a homemade music video of "NU ABO" and the couple's visit to Thailand.

The Adam Couple (SportsKorea)The Adam Couple

Jo Kwon of 2AM and Gain of Brown Eyed Girls are one of the most entertaining "We Got Married" couples. Dubbed as the Adam Couple due to their petite frame, this couple showed how much fun married life can be. From their wacky start as a couple living in a container van up until they moved to their cute newlywed home, Jo Kwon and Gain showed viewers how to have fun even in the craziest situations. My favorite episodes? Their first meeting where Jo Kwon dressed as a mascot and the English class episode where both showed how horrified they were to speak English!

Who is your favorite "We Got Married" couple? What do you feel about the show's cancellation? Share your thoughts with us through our comment box!

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