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‘Pure Love’ attracts Filipino drama fans

Publicity Photo: 49 daysPublicity Photo: 49 days'Pure Love', a Korean drama originally entitled '49 Days', premiered on ABS-CBN early this month. In just two weeks, 'Pure Love' has already gained a steady set of fans religiously following the story of Ysabelle and Dianne.

Boasting of a gripping plot reminiscent of the 90s hit movie 'Ghost', 'Pure Love' presents the heartbreaking stories of Dianne (played by Nam Gyu Ri), a woman who seemed to have everything including love, beauty and wealth; and Ysabelle (played by Lee Yo Won), a depressed woman who leads a 'lifeless' life. Their paths cross when Dianne meets a car accident caused by Ysabelle's suicide attempt. Ysabelle survives her suicide attempt but Dianne is left in a coma. This sets the stage for 'Pure Love'.

Dianne is given a second chance to live by a rather hunky "Scheduler" (played by Jung Il Woo) because she is not destined to die yet. In order for her to live again, she must gather three pure tears in 49 days—a task she thought would be extremely easy but turns out to be a challenge as she discovers the real intentions of her fiancé (played by Bae Su Bin) and best friend (played by Seo Ji Hye).

'Pure Love' marks the drama return of Korean actors familiar to Filipino fans. Lee Yo Won is known for her role as Queen Seon Deok, Jo Heon Jae is known for his drama 'Only You' while Bae Su Bin is popular for his drama 'Shining Inheritance'.

'Pure Love' did very well in the ratings game during its stint in Korean. Given the overwhelming response of Filipino viewers, 'Pure Love' will most probably repeat its ratings achievement in local television. 'Pure Love' shows every weeknight at 1030PM on the ABS-CBN channel. So, are you one of the thousands already addicted to 'Pure Love'? Share your thoughts here!

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