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  • Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed live at the MOA Arena on March 9, 2014.

    Macklemore loves to talk… a lot.

    He tells stories as if he was confessing to a priest, or answering an interview… except he is onstage in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans in the massive MOA Arena.

    He’s been to the Philippines before, he explains at length at the conclusion of the first song, and tells the crowd that to be able to perform in a country he is familiar with is the most amazing feeling in the world.

    Boom… with that opening line, he automatically endeared himself to the already fired-up crowd: this dude is just like us!


    (Photo by Francis Brew)


    A spectacle

    Throughout the concert, he will crack asides, talk about his by-now well-known stint in rehab and recovery, and extol the virtues of collaborator/producer Ryan Lewis.

    In short, he is testifying, like a gospel singer. Soul-baring and social commentary (as in the anti-materialistic stance of their hit “Thrift Shop”) are at the roots of hip-hop; when was the last

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  • Fresh off their packed gig in Macau, the Rolling Stones are flying to Singapore next, where tickets to their show sold out 2 ½ hours after they were released.

    Considering the age of the band members (Mick Jagger is 70), many were disappointed to be missing what could be the last Asian tour of the Stones.

    Yet die-hard fans will still be able to experience the Singapore leg of the band’s 14 ON FIRE tour, thanks to the “Marina Bay Sands Rocks Singapore Festival.” It will simulcast the Rolling Stones concert at the MBS outdoor event plaza—absolutely free.


    Live feed
    There’s still time for Pinoys to fly to Singapore and become a part of the free outdoor party.

    “We take great pride in giving back to the local community in meaningful ways through Sands for Singapore,” said George Tanasijevich, CEO of Marina Bay Sands.

    “By securing this live feed of The Rolling Stones 14 On Fire, we will give all fans the chance to enjoy the best of global entertainment in a unique manner,” he added.



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  • Paris Hilton is back in the Philippines to inaugurate Century Properties' the Paris Beach Club at the Azure Urban Resort Residences. The newly developed property is located at the Bicutan exit of the South Luzon Expressway.

    She is scheduled to grace the launch on March 13 at Azure Urban Resort Residences.

    Paris tweeted her arrival at 10:01 a.m. by announcing, "Just landed in Manila! Magandang umaga, Maayong Buntag Pilipinas #itsmorefuninthePhilippines ☺♡"

    Century Properties also posted photos of the heiress on its social sites.


    According to the property developer, Paris visited Manila for the first time two-and-a-half years ago to work with Century on designing the beach club, her "first foray into international real estate."


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  • Now on its fourth year, the Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival, held from February 27 to March 3 in Puerto Galera, Mindoro, has created a loyal following.

    Fans come back year after year, not only for the music, but also because of the culture and vibe of the fest.

    Said Flow artist and instructor of Planet Zips Poi Philippines Paulino Servado, “A perfect outdoors festival venue, set atop Mt. Malasimbo on the beautiful island of Puerto Galera, soundtracked by diverse local ad international musical acts—obviously chosen with taste and education in mind. No other local festival like it.”

    Servado has attended the festival three years in a row.

    A blend of local and international acts

    This year, he and a few thousand others, got to listen to a blend of local and international artists like Low Leaf (a Pinay from California), June Marieezy (another Pinay transplanted from Texas), Crowns Down, the local Malasimbo Ensemble, Aussie artist Jordan Rakei, Omar, music legends Roy Ayers and Robert

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  • The performers
    Eyedress: Idris Acuña
    Warpaint: Emily Kokal, Theresa Wayman, Jenny Lee Lindberg, Stella Mozgawa
    Mogwai: Stuart Braithwaite, Dominic Aitchison, John Cummings, Barry Burns, Martin Bulloch


    Put together by Random Minds Productions, YnOS, and Hostess Entertainment, part one of Febfest 2014: Hostess Club Manila happened on February 13 at the Metrotent.

    It started quietly and ended quietly… the latter due to deafness.

    Eyedress a.k.a. Idris Acuña opened the evening with filtered beats, synth washes and processed ethereal vocals. It was slightly disconcerting to the uninitiated: Acuña looks like a hip Japanese man, with his chiseled face and sunglasses, but he sang in a female register via effects processing.


    Eyedress warms up the crowd. (Photo by Niña Sandejas)


    Bad acoustics added to the vibe

    The disconnect worked for the most part: according to (his EP “Half-Japanese” is available there), his music features “ultra-chill beats and slurry drowned out vocals to craft a dark, retro-futurist take on

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  • It seems that the number of music events has increased dramatically in the last five years, with concerts and festivals like the recent 7107 International Music Festival in Pampanga and the Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival happening this weekend in Puerto Galera, Mindoro popping up left and right.

    It’s hard not to peg concertgoers if you’ve attended a lot of gigs. Maybe you know some of them; maybe they’re even you! Here are 15 types of concertgoers that you’ll probably see in every gig:


    1. The Crusader. This person will not pay for tickets but will rabidly join online and radio contests for a chance to win their complimentaries. These are the guys you hear screaming excitedly when they’re told by a radio announcer that they just won their freebies.


    2. The Freeloader. That friend who pops up in your life only when they need tickets. A constant problem for those who work in media, PR or production. If you're known to attend solo, these friends will force you to take them along with

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  • “Ah man, it was just luck.”

    Kjwan’s Marc Abaya is being modest.

    “No,“ you respond, “you spoke and played from here (pointing to the heart).”

    Kjwan just finished an extended and crowd-rousing set on the first night of the 7107 International Music Festival; they played the so-called “local” stage while a pumping house set (probably Dutch act Deejay Alvaro—and no, not the one who did “Maginoo Pero Medyo Bastos”) was happening a quarter of a kilometer away on the main stage.


    Earnest performers, earnest partying

    “We write songs,” he says at one point during their performance. “Not everything we do is a hit. But we make the effort… we love making music.”

    Kjwan pulled out all the stops, and the relatively more “serious” side of the Global Gateway Logistics City exploded with as much energy and fervor as the more crowded dance music-oriented area has been since mid-afternoon.

    Day 1 local stage lineup. (Photo by Francis Brew)A balance of sorts is achieved, and the festival spirit is now in full swing. Local stage: earnest performers, and a

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  • The 7107 International Music Festival’s main draw this weekend, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, may be last to play but some of the foreign support acts listed below should keep the crowd stoked before the culminating act.



    Who: The Aussie duo of Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore has two million-selling albums under their belt and a huge hit single in the anthemic “Alive” whose cry of bliss resounds with “Loving every minute of it ‘cos you make me feel so alive!”

    Why should you care: On their second album “Ice on the Dune,” the duo flashes moments of pop genius in a varied palette of soft rock, bright sunny pop and glorious dance music. Watch Luke Steele in his elaborate get-up and the essence of glam comes into the picture too.



    Who: The Chicago native started as a DJ and A&R director before becoming a current fixture in San Francisco’s dance music scene.

    Why should you care: He draws inspiration from techno icons Skrillex and DeadMau5 and puts his imprint with

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  • So, who doesn’t love a love song? But people who keep hearing the same ballad over and over again reduce the potency of the most positive feeling in the universe to a mall cliché. For your consideration, here are a few tunes that are not “I Will Always Love You” or “Can’t Fight This Feeling” in no particular order.


    1. Alkaline Trio, “Mercy Me”
    Can a punk band write a love song? Yes. Key line: “I used to long for time alone, I used to long for a place of my own / And I’ve lost faith in everything. I’m lost, so lost, I’m lost without you.”


    2. Daft Punk, “Digital Love”
    Sure, the vocals sound robotic filtered through a vocoder; it IS Daft Punk. But when they sing, “But suddenly, I feel the shining sun / Before I knew it, this dream was all gone / Oh I don’t know what to do about this dream and you,” the robots remind you of that feeling you had for your first mad crush.


    3. Dashboard Confessional, “Hands Down”
    Remember that first date you had that may have led to a great

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  • Love songs make the world go round. In spirit of Valentine’s, we asked Pinoy musicians and other music types what they think is the the greatest love song ever made. Check out what they have to say.


    GLOC-9: “Passenger Seat” by Stephen Speaks
    “Kasi nung ako’y nanliligaw pa lang, wala akong sasakyan at di ako marunong mag-drive kaya ako ang laging pasahero ni Thea (girlfriend then, his wife now).”


    BASTI ARTADI of WOLFGANG: “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton
    “I think it’s almot the perfect love song. In my opinion, though, the last verse would have ended even better with “And then SHE tells me as I turn down the light, SHE says my darling, you are wonderful tonight…” You see, through most of the song, he’s praising her at how awesome she makes him feel. To reverse the original end of the song and show that SHE felt the same way for him, that would have been pure icing on the cake.”


    BAYANG BARRIOS: “Ngayon at Kailanman” by Basil Valdez
    “Wala nang makahihigit pa sa letra ng kantang ito

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