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  • Trinidad just wants to rock your socks off

    'So what’s wrong with having fun?’ asks these glam rockers.

    Watch the music video 'Abnoy' below.


    Long hair, flashy guitar solos, a pump-fisting rhythm section, stratospheric vocals that can part rain clouds… there was a time when these were the elements that screamed “Rock’n’roll!!!’

    Well, to be more specific, these are the attributes that defined L.A. glam rock in the 80s.

    It was loud, flashy, often lyrically sexist (or “sexy” as Spinal Tap saw it), and celebrated the virtues of partying: head banging, body parts jiggling, lighter raising and tighter clothing (to be loosened halfway through the first verse).

    And yes, the songs were hella catchy.


    A turn to shoe-gazing

    Then, in 1991, Nirvana’s “Nevermind” (and to a degree, Metallica’s Black Album) decimated the glittery landscape. Punk simplicity, dark honest introspection, abstraction and an attitude of “This is who I am” darkened the neon nights. And, for good reason: we all know life is not a party.

    JJ Lacson of Trinidad (Photo by Francis Brew)The decibel levels remained the same, but the mood changed from “Take your pants off!” to

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  • Despite all the pleas we see on social media to stop posting and commenting about the Vhong Navarro incident, we can’t help but extend the “agony” with a postscript, particularly on the reasons why this is such a compelling a story—not only for the entertainment press but for respected journos, intellectuals and legal experts.

    Lawyer Harry Roque was right: only “Filipinos from Mars” don’t know about what happened to Vhong on the night of January 22.

    And, who could keep one Teddy Boy Locsin from putting in his two cents , albeit in a hilarious tone. (After posing a volley of questions about the incident, he asks, “And finally, why must there be an ‘h’ in Vhong’s name?”)


    The stuff of 'dreams'

    This early, one can say that this should be the biggest showbiz story of the year, unless something more sensational, more absurd or more controversial crops up.

    Not only is it the stuff of dreams for the controversy-driven entertainment media, it has a storyline so gripping as that not even a

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  • Another look: Phoenix says Manila was their second favorite crowd

    Promises to return for another show

    Rolling Stone magazine described the French band Phoenix as “hot girl music,” something bassist/keyboardist Deck d’Arcy in our Yahoo interview didn’t quite understand.

    But if he had stepped out and seen the long lines of concertgoers patiently waiting to get into the World Trade Center for the band’s sold-out Manila gig on January 21, d’Arcy would probably have understood what Rolling Stone meant.

    The female-to-male ratio of those who attended the show was probably 30:1. And yes, most of the girls were hot.


    Breaking the ice

    Mega-fan with autographed Phoenix album (Photo by Ces Rodriguez)During their press con in the Diamond Hotel the day before, the band, despite their admitted self-consciousness in speaking English (resulting in Thomas Mars’s quirky lyrics), was highly articulate.

    The press con began with a fashion-related question from Yahoo’s resident Phoenix mega-fan and Style Factor media producer Beverly Dalton.

    The band, either exhausted or expecting the usual “Welcome to our country!” preamble, looked at each other in puzzlement.



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  • 40 local acts as important as Red Hot Chili Peppers, say fest organizer

    11 foreign acts also at the the 2-day fest in Clark, Pampanga

    Abra is set to play at the 7107 music fest. (NPPA)

    Red Hot Chili Peppers may be the top-tier attraction at the first first-ever 7107 International Music Festival set in Clark, Pampanga on February 22 and 23, but the festival’s executive producer Tina Herrera has other ideas, too.

    “We want to push our artists to the rest of the world and send the message that they can be viewed side by side with international artists,” she said during the 7107 press launch held recently at Aracama Filipino Cuisine at the The Fort Strip in Taguig.

    Local artists set to appear at the festival include Up Dharma Down, Kjwan, Radioactive Sago Project, Sponge Cola, Abra & Loonie, Taken By Cars, Itchyworms, Techy Romantics, The Sleepyheads, Hidden Nikki and at least 30 more acts.


    A raft of foreign acts

    Aside from RHCP, foreign guest artists include Aussie electronic duo Empire of the Sun, rapper and 2014 Grammy nominee Kendrick Lamar, DJ Kaskade, the Florida-based alt band The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, punky electro singer-songwriter Luciana, Danish pop group

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  • Who would have thought that answering a Craigslist ad to make jingles for commercials would be the beginnings of electro pop super duo Capital Cities?

    Ryan Merchant and Sebu Semonian met in 2008, wrote songs for companies like Hallmark and Honda and shifted their talent in making catchy music for themselves a few years later.

    Their lead single “Safe and Sound,” which was part of their self-titled EP, grew steadily yet massively. They promoted it on the web, released it digitally until it randomly became a hit song in Peru.


    The ground shook at Trinoma
    The song has resonated with audiences worldwide that it’s been re-released on their debut studio album “In a Tidal Wave of Mystery” under Capitol Records. The song’s music video won an MTV video award for Best Visual Effects and is nominated in the 2014 Grammy Awards for Best Music Video Category.

    On January 12, Capital Cities performed in front of a multitude of crazy fans who danced along to the band and jumped up and down

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  • Vic Sotto (File photo, NPPA Images)

    It’s obvious Vic Sotto doesn’t get it.

    And to top it all off, he even admitted he has not read it. But he responded anyway, dismissing it as just one of those conventional showbiz brickbats.

    Lourde de Veyra’s “open letter” was the only critique about Vic’s Metro Maniila Film Fesival (MMFF) 2013 film My Little Bossings, and his entire filmography that really nailed it. It was really less about what the film missed out, as those were already the subject of most reviews. It was more of what De Veyra felt Vic can do more with the immense power or influence he exudes in the industry, the clout he enjoys, and the “bossing” that he is in churning out box-office winners.

    Constructive comment

    Actually, the context was constructive, even helpful for Vic in charting his career further.

    Yet, the tragedy of it all is that Vic is seemingly out of it, and wants none of it—to the point of trivializing it. Why should he think of it as an “attack”, most surprising of which was that it so “offended” his
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  • Live music + alternative fashion = Sinulog Blast Off

    Happening today, Jan 18, at the Waterfront Hotel in Cebu

    If you’re joining the Sinulog festivities in Cebu this weekend, you may be including the Sinulog Blast Off in your carousing.

    A combo of fashion and live rock, the event is happening at the Pacific Grand Ballroom of the Waterfront Cebu Hotel and Casino tosay Saturday, January 18.

    Sonic Boom Blast Off 2014Now three years running, the threadfest offers people the chance to buy fresh stocks and limited items from alternative clothing brands like Nick Automatic, Medisina, Evil Genius, Matriarch, The Greenery, Deadways, Venom III to name a few and to listen to a solid musical line-up.

    This year’s lineup includes Sonic Boom veterans such as Cebuano bands Urbandub, Powerspoonz and Faspitch.

    Also performing are Kamikazee, Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus, Save Me Hollywood, WilaBaliW and Malaysia’s An Honest Mistake, who also performed in Sonic Boom Cebu Blast Off in 2012.

    Sonic Boom Philippines is also celebrating its eighth year of promoting artists, organizing events and helping sustain the music community by yearly

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  • KC Concepcion (File photo, NPPA Images)

    It was a sad farewell.

    And very abrupt. Who would think KC Concepcion, now taking her acting chops seriously with her critically-acclaimed performance in “Boy Golden,” would decide to take a break from showbiz to concentrate on studies abroad?

    On Instagram on Thursday, January 16, she made it official:

    “Goodbye for now, Manila! All set to take on a new adventure. (love, travel) #cloudimmigrant"

    KC's post on her Instagram account

    Obviously it is really more than what it seems.

    The Dyesebel factor

    KC had been primed up for the role of the reincarnated Mars Ravelo character Dyesebel. But in a sudden turn of developments (and fortunes), the role went to Anne Curtis, who had just emerged from that unfortunate controversy late last year.

    KC’s decision, which came immediately after the ABS-CBN announcement, was her apparent reaction. Although she never mentioned it in any of her recent social networking posts, media was quick to conclude this.

    Who wouldn’t? The suddenness is key, showing a hint of what went
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  • Joe D' Mango (Contributed photo)Who can forget “Love Notes,” the popular radio show that made the love advice genre on the FM band a necessary item on any station’s programming set? Those awkward situations, shocking realities and incredible stories read on-air reflect  the common Filipino love experience.

    Who can forget the DJ who read those letters, whose wisdom people sought to solve their troubles, whose voice is so comforting and reassuring, anyone felt better after listening to him? Yes, Joe D’ Mango was an early morning fare no one could miss, as  homes, offices, even retail stores and banks go to a grinding halt as people stayed glued to the radio to hear the stories and Joe’s pieces of advice.

    The success of “Love Notes” on radio made the show expand to the print medium. A newspaper column and a bestseller paperback were born out of it . His popular program spawned several other similarly-themed shows in other radio stations and eventually led to the “in-your-face” genre of  Papa Jack’s immensely-popular
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  • Torch bearers of Original Plipino Music (OPM) rejoice! Renowned British vocal trio Blake (made up of Ollie Baines, Stephen Bowman and Humphrey Berney) has released a mini album made up of Filipino-penned classics.

    “Blake: The OPM Album” contains six familiar songs led by the group’s well-raved version of Hotdog’s “Manila” which Blake has been performing live for quite a while. The group even performed with Filipina singers Rachel Ann Go and Joanna Ampil.

    In a chat with Yahoo on December 19, the classical-pop crossover sensation expressed its admiration for OPM and the Filipinos.

    “We genuinely love singing these beautiful songs which we recorded a few months ago,” said tenor Humphrey, who describes the Manila Sound era’s definitive tune as “a cool song to record because it is full of life and energy.”

     "...with the gorgeous and talented Rachael Ann Go," the group wrote.

    Produced by—surprise, surprise—Pops Fernandez

    Local label Viva Records is behind the salute-to-OPM project, arranging for

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