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  • A month ago, I flew to Singapore to watch MUTEMATH perform at the Mosaic Music Festival. Known for putting on one of the best live performances, MUTEMATH has a signature move that involves throwing an air mattress to the crowd while vocalist Paul Meany jumps on it and uses it to crowd surf.

    I got a seat that was not so far from the front, yet right smack in the center. It definitely meant I would be one of the many who would be able to carry someone and pass him or her overhead.

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    I’ve only ever taken photos of people crowd surfing and have never done it myself. Nor have I experienced someone jump from stage and land on an area where I would be forced to raise my arms and pass the person along to the next person in the crowd. I knew it was something I had to experience at least once in my life—whether on top as surfer or underneath with the crowd.

    Who is MUTEMATH, anyway?

    And I knew that MUTEMATH crowd surfs in their gigs every

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  • At the recent Mosaic Music Festival in Singapore, I got to catch Razorback performing a closing gig. I wasn’t really there for them but I knew I had to go and see the band just to see how different it would be to shoot them in another country. Last year, I flew to Cebu to take photos of their album launch.

    Razorback played at the Esplanade Outdoor stage which was a breathtaking area. It had a view of the bay, the Merlion and the city skyline highlighted by Marina Bay Sands.

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    The crowd was composed mostly of Filipinos with a few Singaporeans and other nationalities who had flown in for the festival. They seemed to be enjoying the show and appeared, curiously, to be hooked on the band.

    The wild and crazeee Mr. Legarda

    Another surprise was seeing the usually calm and reserved Manuel Legarda going crazy during the whole set.

    But the crowd was having a hard time responding to the band’s contagious energy.

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  • “I see a lot of empty seats… but it only means that there’s more room for us to grow,” said hip-hop artist Mike Swift, the brains behind Araneta Dreams, a hip-hop concert held April 9.

    He apologized to a lot of people for the slight lack of organization, especially behind the scenes, admitting that they are “rookies” because it was the first and most ambitious hip-hop concert they’ve organized.

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    Yet, bringing together everyone in the hip-hop community to Araneta Coliseum was a risk well worth taking and a dream come true for the organizers.


    Hip-hop heartthrob Abra. (Photo by Niña Sandejas)

    Platform for new rap talents

    Gloc-9, Jay-R, Urban Flow, Quest, Pow Chavez, Mike Kosa were among the many who performed that night in support of the dream. A vision he held for years and to some impossible to achieve, Mike Swift still managed to produce a showcase of all the great artists in the Pinoy hip-hop. He also got to introduce another platform for new Rap Battle talents to find their voice.

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  • Geek confessions: ‘I dated Korean model Jinri Park!’

    The elevator door opens.


    A smiling Jinri Park—radio DJ, model, and now a TV star—approaches me. I hand her the roses and make the customary beso...then the cameras start flashing.

    From trolling to dating

    I was one of the three winners of the Gillette Philippines-sponsored Win-A-Date-With-Jinri Park contest held on Facebook. Guys were asked to send in their ideal date scenarios with the model, and she got to choose the winners based on a short list.

    I didn't expect to win. In fact, I just sent in my entry as a form of trolling the contest. How can I possibly win? I hardly win any contests like these; geeks aren't supposed to. But here I was, one of three “Gillette Men.”

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    Fortunately, Jinri and I knew each other from my stint with all-OPM site Radio Republic . I remember her being quite into a lot of Pinoy music (her tiny car is loaded with tons of CDs of local artists such as ChicoSci, Tanya

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  • Exclusive to Yahoo! OMG!

    Yes, it echoes the tagline from GMA, the network where I grew up.

    But it is also a VERY strong and meaningful phrase.

    Especially on social networking sites. Yes, I know—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and some of the other sites are there for us to share what we feel.

    What will others think of you?

    It's okay to post and say what's on your mind.No limitations, no boundaries. That's what social networking sites are for, right?

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    But, you must need to know what things and words are okay to post.

    Is it gonna offend other people? Will it hurt someone's feelings? What will others think of you if you post that?

    What you post can make or break you

    Think thrice before posting anything because it can make or break you.

    If you're in the reader's position, how would you react if you read those kinds of posts?

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    I know that. Because I know where I

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  • They screamed as they rode the sand dunes of Dubai, posed with Pinoy clerks at the Dubai Mall, checked out the souks and the world’s tallest building, and one may have gyrated alongside a belly dancer.

    But they weren't just tourists. Ely Buendia, Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Marcus Adoro were in the United Arab Emirates to become, once again, the Eraserheads. They may have brought along spouses and kids and sneaked in some shopping and sightseeing, but the once defunct band was in Dubai mainly to play the 2013 du World Music Festival.

    Unsurprisingly, with Dubai being OFW country, the band packed the Dubai City Amphitheatre with 11,000 "enthralled" fans, according to a  Yahoo! report from Dubai.

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    On their second reunion world tour in as many years, the band, which broke up in 2002, played a 2.5-hour show consisting of 27 songs.  Theirs was said to have been the most attended during the two-week festival, which featured a

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  • John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo in the 'It Takes a Man and a Woman' movie poster (Courtesy of Star Cinema)

    The success of “It Takes a Man and a Woman,” the third in a rom-com series that follows  the characters Miggy Montenegro and Laida Magtalas, is a grand slam of sorts for John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo, director Cathy Molina and producers Star Cinema and Viva Films.

    It shows how the movie industry can move forward and regain its lost glory.

    It just needs to follow all the good things this film has done. From the captivating story line to the execution of all production elements, including design, cinematography, and editing, the movie hit the sweet spot among Pinoy audiences.

    Nearly a billion pesos in revenues

    With the changing tastes and preferences of audiences, Filipino producers grapple and even struggle in formulating the right mix to come up with a blockbuster film. Yet, this series has remained consistent, raking up a total of nearly a billion pesos in box office receipts.

    This is one
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  • Even with considerable mainstream success, the core of Pinoy hip hop remains largely underground.

    What’s even more startling, the stars of the underground have a massive fan base. Abra’s award-winning “Gayuma” has had more than 20 million views on YouTube since it was published six months ago. Rap battles, where rappers compete by coming up improvised rhymes, are packed affairs.

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    However, one thing has eluded these artists: a chance to perform in a venue as large as the 16,500-capacity Araneta Coliseum.

    Finally, the big stage

    On Tuesday, April 9, that dream comes true. In a concert appropriately titled Araneta Dreams, fans can finally see the artists they’ve loved and supported in a truly grand venue.

    Set to perform are rap artists and other supporters including Abra, Gloc-9, Freddie Aguilar, Greyhoundz, Quest, Mike Swift, and Loonie, among many others.

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    Pinoy rapper Loonie is set to do battle with emcee and

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  • Everyone, it seemed, rejoiced last Easter when it was learned that sisters Ara Mina and Cristine Reyes reconciled after a year exchanging bitter words on traditional and social media.

    It was fitting that Cristine took the first step, given that she had all guns a-blazing when the controversy erupted a year ago.

    In media interviews, Ara revealed how Cristine texted her on Maundy Thursday, March 28, asking if they could talk. After Ara said yes the following day, Cristine took the occasion of Good Friday to finally bury the bloody hatchet. She rushed to Ara’s home in Quezon City and met her estranged sister, who was in tears when Cristine arrived.


    Ara was quoted as saying that she described Cristine’s effort as genuine and revealed it was her younger sister who first apologized for her actions. It will be recalled that Cristine lashed out at her sister for the alleged non-payment of a loan that formed part of the purchase of
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  • Sunshine Cruz (George Calvelo, NPPA Images)

    If there’s one thing Cesar Montano regrets in the entire episode with wife Sunshine Cruz, it was that he underestimated her.

    Now, with her pride intact and the same look that captivated admirers in her early years in show business, Sunshine is back, smarter and sexier than one intrepid showbiz observer might expect.

    Actually, it also seemed Sunshine has emerged the winner.

    Back to showbiz

    She is now re-entering showbiz via “Dugong Buhay,” an ABS-CBN teleserye that will soon air.

    The most interesting thing about her return to showbiz was that she didn’t need to seek Cesar’s permission. And, she also stated that their children, Angeline Isabel, Samantha Angeline and Angel Francheska, all approved of her move, despite the criticism that she was using the controversy to her gain.

    Well, it may seem that way but apparently she is now using her smarts to ease her way out of her marital
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