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Electric dreams are made of these

Photo by Jerome Ascano/NPPA ImagesPhoto by Jerome Ascano/NPPA Images

Rez Toledo a.k.a.  Somedaydream  croons and strums his guitar to the tune of "Hey Daydreamer." And the charts come to life.  Girls close their eyes and dream of romantic nights and sweet promises.

The 20-year-old Ateneo junior who wrote and performs the song has fans in the palm of his hands. 

His video premiered in Myx and he guested in "Party Pilipinas" on Sunday, June 12. This is a clear a sign that  Rez's song  has  crossed over from online to mainstream outlets.

Still, Rez feels like rubbing his eyes or pinching himself to check if everything is for real.


"I didn't expect this," he admits.  "I was really bored the day I wrote `Hey Daydreamer.' It's my third song.  It just created itself."

That was three years ago, when Rez felt strange posting his song on MySpace at a time others thought doing so was  far from cool.

Rez's manager, Champ Liu Pio (formerly of Hale)  thinks otherwise.

One listen to Rez's sound online and Champ told himself he must manage the artist behind the song.

"The kid is amazing!" gushes Champ. "I contacted him and told him I want to produce his album. We don't have electronic pop artists on the mainstream level. His sound is unique."

Welcome change

Rez's sound, Champ goes on, is a welcome change from the band music  coming out of our ears these days.

"We need new musicians," he observes. "The industry is struggling.  There is no innovation. It's still the same musicians playing  and bands dishing out  songs of the `90s."

Champ  wants a way out, asap.  And that's where Rez comes in.

Champ predicts his ward's  electronic sound  will lord it over the music scene someday.

For one thing, the tools of the trade are portable.  Rez just lugs his laptop and guitar, and voila! It's showtime!

For another, Rez can easily attract a young crowd eager to embrace his electronic music.  The guy has a market out there.  And it's growing, growing, growing.

The artist behind it all has to adjust, fast.

"I got thrown into the professional world right away," says Rez.  "It made me grow up.  I started getting exposed to different kinds of people and situations."

One day, Rez has to get used to autograph seekers, screaming fans, photo ops — even stalkers.

"I don't think about it yet," he downplays the issue.

Signs of success

The girls will come swooning.  And Rez is glad he has Champ to teach him how to deal with them and other  signs of success.

Rez has to deal with his studies as well. He has decided to take a light load this semester so he can juggle  school and the demands of his music.

July will see Rez doing in-store promos at Astroplus.  Rez will also launch his first album under new indie label Mecca Music once he finishes collecting and packaging his compositions.

It's a  busy semester ahead and a tough balancing act that will test Rez's coping skills to the max.

He is sure of one thing though. "I won't take school for granted," he promises.  At the same time, he knows opportunities knock but once.  And he's seizing the day as much as he can.

So he devotes three hours a day to his music and the rest to his studies as a BS Management Information Systems (MIS) student.

'One day at a time'

Still, Rez admits it's hard to predict how a typical day will be like.  Schedules have a way of changing by the day.

"So I take things a day at a time," explains Rez.

He may focus his attention on the here and now.  But that doesn't mean Rez's eyes are trained only on the kind of music people now know him for.

"There's a different side to me as a musician," he reveals. "For instance, I'm also into rock."

The guy can go on and on.  And the listeners can croon and sing along on and on with him as well.

For now, Rez has not even scratched the surface of his musicality.  He can still spring another surprise.  And when he does,  Champ, and others dying to hear a new sound in the horizon, will be all ears.


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