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The ‘worst’ of Claudine and Raymart—now on video

How the scuffle went (YouTube)

Isn't it ironic?

The very thing that Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago said they wanted to prevent from happening did—with far worse results.

On Sunday, May 6, Santiago scuffled and engaged in a fistfight with muckraker Mon Tulfo at the airport to prevent the latter from using his camera phone to record an incensed Barretto berating an airline ground crew over missing luggage. The couple had just flown in from Boracay and Barretto had been informed that her luggage had been left behind.

Raymart had wanted to confiscate the phone from Tulfo and prevent whatever was taken from being viewed by the public.

But now, uglier images of them have emerged.

On YouTube, no less.

'Vicious headlock'

The actual video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube at exactly midnight of May 7, twelve hours since the incident occurred at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 in Pasay City. The 59-second clip showed how punches were thrown with a hapless Tulfo trapped in a vicious headlock by someone who looked like Santiago as a few others, including Barretto, punched the journalist left and right.

Before the end of the video, it showed the couple teaming up to manhandle Tulfo in their attempt to take his camera away as the NAIA-3 guards pulled them off Tulfo, who had been down on the floor.

Tulfo then stood up, fixed his vest, took his bag then walked away from the scene.

It was not clear who threw the first punch, but the video only showed how Tulfo and Santiago had already been in a fistfight before a person in a pink shirt entered the fray and punched Tulfo, who also countered with his own that made the unidentified man fall to the floor.

More than 280,000 views

This was the time Santiago caught Tulfo from behind in a headlock as other people rushed in to gang up on the newspaper columnist, who had tried to break free and fight back with a kick landing on Barretto's leg.

While the video did not show the entire incident—such as the exchange between Santiago and Tulfo before the fistfight that led to what Barretto claimed was Tulfo first lunging at Santiago—it was apparent that the couple was so far from being the aggrieved party.

With the video now going the rounds of social media with more than 280,000 shares on YouTube seven hours after it was uploaded, it now appears that the public has seen the worst of the couple.

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