Anne Curtis’ Beach Essentials

Photo from NPPA Images.Anne Curtis opts for a bandaeu suit so that there wouldn't be any tan lines on her shoulders.

Style Factor is looking up to Olay ambassador Anne Curtis for inspiration this summer. C’mon, who would not want to look as good as her in a bikini? Remember her sexy swimsuit scenes in “No Other Woman”? We sure do.

Surrounded by humility, Anne tells us that her tummy isn’t that flat all the time. It sure looks flat from our point of view. “I believe in having an off-season and a season to be fit,” she says. “Summer, of course, is a season to be fit. But that also doesn’t mean you’re going to deprive yourself of such good food.” For Anne, it’s all about portions and giving time to exercise. “I think a few weeks before summer starts, that’s when you should eat healthier. You also have to start working out more and making that effort,” she says.

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For her beach trips, she makes sure she brings sunblock, moisturizer, camera, comfy sneakers, sandals, a sun dress, and denim shorts. Lipstick is a must-have for Anne as well. “It’s very important that you have good skin so you don’t have to put on concealer. You can just get away with lipstick,” she says.

What suits will she be packing for the beach? “I like bandeaus,” she answers. “There are no tan lines. It’s distracting when you’re wearing a dress.”

Photo from NPPA Images.


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