Anne Curtis’ Fitness And Diet Regimen

Photo from NPPAAnne Curtis has a bikini-ready body even when it's not summer.

Admit it girls. Anne Curtis is hot and we all want to be as hot as she is. But getting Anne’s amazing body takes a lot of hard work too. Let’s find out what Anne does to look amazing all year round.

To get lean arms and a flat tummy like Anne’s, exercise should be an integral part of your life. “I work out when I can,” shares Anne. “I recently started learning how to swim. Before I used to run.” Biking is something she hasn’t tried yet. “I do Pilates and basic gym.” Anne feels so lucky that Showtime starts at a later time because she can work out in the morning.

For Anne, it’s really important that she takes care of her body. “It’s important to be fit. Not for other people but especially for yourself because it gives you a sense of confidence knowing that you’re healthy and that you’re living a healthy lifestyle,” she says. “One other thing is to have a fit-spiration. My fit-spiration is Candice of Victoria’s Secret,” she shares.

Photo from Getty ImagesAnne's fit-spiration is Candice Swanepoel, a Victoria's Secret model.

When it comes to her diet, she admits that she usually doesn’t eat pork but on her cheat days she’ll have some steak. Her breakfast consists of a tuna omelette, maybe one or two eggs. For lunch and dinner, she’ll opt for a salad. In between the morning and the afternoon, she’d snack on nuts and fruits. “I save everything for Saturday and Sunday. I don’t do cheat days. I do cheat weekends. I believe you should be strict when it comes to dieting but you shouldn’t deprive yourself of the joys of chocolate and chips,” she says. For Anne, Saturday and Sunday are the days to pig out.

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Instead of eating rice, quinoa is another option for Anne. “I learned it from my boyfriend Erwan who doesn’t eat rice. It tastes exactly the same and it’s not a carb. Masarap siya,” Anne explains.

Sometimes though, especially when she gets stressed, she can’t help but surrender to her cravings. “If I really can’t take it anymore, I’ll give in to pigging out.” But on the contrary, it is very easy for Anne to control her appetite. “I’m not used to having huge amounts of food anymore. But when I’m really stressed, I have to give in or else it’ll make me crazy,” she says.

For Anne, it’s important to get a head start before bikini season. “Mafru-frustrate ka lang pag dating ng summer,” she says. “Me, I go on a cleansing diet, then a proper diet, then I work out pa. It’s time for bikinis so dapat in shape ka.”

So that’s it, girls. Minimizing the carbs and giving time for exercise are all you need to get an amazing body. Find fit-spiration in Anne Curtis!

Photo from NPPA Images (Anne Curtis) and Getty Images (Candice Swanepoel).


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