Beauty Notes From A Former Beauty Queen

Photo courtesy of Bianca ManaloBianca Manalo looks picture perfect wearing a popping pink lip shade.

At the quarter of her life, Bianca Manalo is on top of the world. Ever since she graduated from college 5 years ago, her curriculum vitae looks quite impressive—handling a hosting job for Studio 23's "Rust TV" and ABS-CBN's "Wowowee", as a hurado in the popular noontime show "It's Showtime", as Bea Alonzo's best friend in her first-ever teleserye "Magkaribal", and a lead role in another teleserye "Juanita Banana". She also became a regular noontime host in "Happy, Yipee, Yehey", and is currently part of the cast in the teleserye "Aryana". But in the name of beauty, the most impressive was when she won in the Bb. Pilipinas pageant as Bb. Pilipinas Universe in 2009.

Style Factor sits down with the young former beauty queen to talk about what we feel she has become an expert of: beauty, of course.

Beauty queens are always gorgeous and we're wondering, how do you look like on your down days?
If I don't have work or taping, I would just stay at home or hit the gym. Go to the salon or derma. Have my nails done, just like a normal girl.

Photo courtesy of Bianca ManaloNatural beauty: Bianca Manalo on days when she's not taping.

Do you wear makeup every day?
If I have work or taping, I have makeup on but if wala, I don't put any makeup so that I can let my skin breathe and rest.

Describe your day look.

It depends on my mood, and where I will be. If I will go to the mall, I would wear jeans, sometimes shorts or a dress. I love dressing up. But most of the time I would wear a polo blouse or sheer lose top. For my face, I just put cheek tint, mascara, and a lip moisturizer.

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What about your night look?
I make sure that I will feel comfortable and confident with the clothes that I'm going to wear. I put makeup on during my nights out with my friends.

Any piece of advice to girls on how they can look pretty even if they feel sad on the inside.
If you feel beautiful then you would be beautiful. If you feel sexy then you would be sexy. Just be confident. And always smile.

Describe your style.

Most of the time I would wear jeans and a polo blouse. Match it with ballet flats during the day then change into pumps if I would go to a dinner. I cannot go out without accessories—earrings, bracelets, necklace. And I must always wear a watch. Feeling ko kulang pag walang accessories.

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What's one fashion tip you learned from joining the pageant?
Always look classy. If you want to show skin, one area lang dapat. Kung legs, legs lang. Never expose everything.

Are you a minimalist or you go the extra mile when it comes to taking care of your skin?
I use makeup remover then wash my face before going to sleep. Also, I drink two glasses of water before going to bed so that my skin would always look fresh in the morning.

As a beauty queen, people always expect you to look gorgeous. How do you keep up with this?
I make sure that when I go out I look presentable. I want the "mukhang malinis" look. I love wearing white polo blouses. I'm also careful with what I eat so that I can maintain my weight. Gusto ko kasi if people look at me, ang sasabihin nila, 'Grabe beauty queen na beauty queen talaga ang dating niya.'

What is your beauty secret that you'd like to share with us.
My beauty secret would be: I always smile. Because when you smile, you make other people smile, too. Gaan ng feeling.

Photo courtesy of Bianca Manalo


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