Beauty Tip: Daytime Makeup Look

Simplicity is key when you're going for a daytime makeup look. You want to wear color but you also have to keep in mind certain level of subtleties, like the heaviness of your lipstick and the level of drama on your eyes. And we all want that bit of darkness on the eyes but it just seems out of place while the sun is still up. Fear not because achieving this isn't as hard as it looks. You don't have to be all made up with your complexion painted to perfection and with every strand of hair in place. Twenty-two-year-old Erich Gonzales is one of those celebrities who does this daytime makeup look perfectly. Style Factor shows you how.

Photo from NPPA images.For Erich, it's all about the subtleties of color when it comes to achieving the daytime makeup look.

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Photo from NPPA images.
Photo layout by Ninya Muallam.


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