Boy’s Most Touching Interviews

Boy AbundaBoy Abunda gets a different view of pain, struggles, and joy from his interviews on Olay Conversations.

One of the most respected TV hosts of today, Boy Abunda, reveals one of his most memorable interviews to date. “When you do interviews every day of your life, you kind of get bored,” he explains. “When you do something every day, sometimes it can lose some of the spark.” One thing he didn’t expect was that when beauty brand Olay assigned him to host Olay Conversations, he didn’t think it was going to be some of his best interviews.

Olay Conversations is a series of webisodes by P&G Beauty. It reveals stories of women who inspire in different ways—each of them so diverse that someone out there will surely be able to relate to one if not all of them.

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“I am very proud of these interviews,” he says. “I did not prepare questions. I listened. It was fluid. It was honest. And generally, when I look back, it was totally empowering.”
Boy says that in an interview, you can never be relaxed, that one is always in an artificial environment. “It takes a lot of verbal calisthenics,” he explains. “Every interview to me is a dance.”

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After his interviews with Denise Laurel, Bea Alonzo, Crickette Tantoco, Mons Romulo, and Priscilla Meirelles-Estrada for Olay Conversations, he felt rich as a person. “I came out of the interview better,” says, adding that he now has a different view of beauty, pain, of struggle, and of joy.

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