Brains = The New Sexy

By Nikki Muller

Photo cpurtesy of Getty and NPPA imagesJames Franco, Will Smith, and Paul Soriano are just some of the men who prove brains are indeed sexier than br …

I am a sapiosexual. Are you?

What is that? A "sapiosexual" is someone who finds intelligence sexually attractive.

Isn't it crazy that there's a definition for this? I mean, aren't we all attracted to someone with substance?  For some reason, we live in a generation that wants to define each other. (Maybe there is some psychological comfort to neatly placing people in specific categories?)

As a "sapiosexual," what I do find even sexier is coming across a handsome and intelligent individual in showbiz! So here's the low down on some of the hottest and brainiest male celebrities.

Will Smith. Here is a rapper and hip-hop artist who has never sworn or cursed on any of his tracks. Ever. He believes in the power of words and the value of a decent vocabulary. Rumor has it that wherever he goes, he travels with a large chest filled with books. Please listen to "Holy Roller" to understand the extent of his genius. He releases such anger without ever getting too carried away. (Interesting sidenote: His wife, Jada Pinkett, was the love of Tupac Shakur's life. Smith and Tupac are very different in their approach to lyrics but both are incredibly intelligent!)

James Franco. Absolute hottie. He's also a published author. (Check out his collection of short stories entitled "Palo Alto: Stories", after the city where he grew up.) His educational accolades include an undergraduate degree in English from UCLA and a graduate degree from Columbia University's MFA writing program. He is currently a PHD student in English at Yale University and simultaneously, he has taken courses in film making at Tisch School of the Arts and in fiction writing at Brooklyn College.  He occasionally commutes to North Carolina's Warren Wilson College for poetry. Um…wow.

I have tremendous respect for anyone who has achieved success and fame in his field and still pursues higher education. To me, Franco comes across as a real man of substance. Now if only I could get his number.

Paul Soriano. Someone with his looks and charm could have easily ventured down the path of actor and he would have done quite well. Instead, he has found his calling and passion for screen writing and directing. His creative genius translates from behind the lens and he has managed to bring us some of the most compelling content in Filipino cinema today. Following in his father, Jeric Soriano's footsteps, his gripping feature film "Thelma" has risen to great acclaim and nabbed several significant awards. He's also managed to nourish and maintain a four-year relationship with Pinay siren, Toni Gonzaga. A man who knows who he is and what he wants is the ultimate fantasy of a sapiosexual.

Photo from Style FactorStyle Factor host Nikki Muller redefines sexy.

Who are your sapiosexual hotties? Tell us in the comment below!

Photo of James Franco and Will Smith from Getty Images.
Photo of Paul Soriano from NPPA images.


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