Cesca Litton Knows How To Get Dirty

Photo courtesy of Cesca LittonCesca Litton is both a girly-girl and a tomboy.

TV host for Showbiz Inside Report's online segment and radio host for Basketball Today on DZRJ 810 AM station, Cesca Litton is a sight for sore eyes. Literally that sometimes it's quite bewitching. And not only because she's beautiful but one look at her, it comes to mind that there is probably more to her than a pretty face—and in this case, there really is! And what comes to us as a surprise is that Cesca can get down and dirty unlike most girls who probably can't even break a nail. This disproves the typical maarte girl stereotype even if she actually is maarte. And we love her for that. Here's her story:

"My style evolved several times before I found the area where my comfort zone and experimental side overlap. When I was young my mom used to dress me up in lace trimmed dresses—the whole ribbons and bows shebang. I was her little doll, and I loved it! I used to play around with her makeup, which thankfully no one took photos of because I looked absolutely horrible. You know, swiping my mom's red lipstick across my face and using my fingers to smear eyeshadow shades of all colors on. My mom had great fashion sense and always looked her best. I'm sure if we decided to keep her clothes after she passed away in 1993 I would be able to wear them and it would look classic. I became a bit of a tomboy, and I still am. As a court side reporter in college, I just had to wear shirts and jeans. In the PBA, it was more professional but still mostly pants and blazers. I had to tweak my look again once I started doing entertainment news. I learned a lot from stylists and the makeup artists I've worked with. I've had the honor of wearing creations by some of the best local designers, and even more honored that they let me wear their dresses to this day. Now, I'm as comfortable in ragged denim shorts, shirt and sneakers as I am in a backless dress and 5 inch heels, which I admittedly have to ease up on because of all the shoe shopping I do online. But I will always be the girl with a penchant for flat boots with a little rocker vibe that I can walk around in all day paired with skinny jeans and a comfy v-neck shirt.

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Going past the cliches 'True beauty is on the inside' and 'looks can only go so far', which both are absolutely true, the most beautiful people are still the ones who choose to see the good in others. You can have the finest bone structure and perfect hair and skin but that won't matter if everything that comes out of your mouth puts other people down. But in my line of work, I've also had the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful faces in the world. When I covered the Cannes Film Festival in 2010, Kate Beckinsale was part of the jury. She walked into the press conference in a simple ponytail and barely any makeup on, and I sat there mesmerized. I guest hosted in Us Girls during Chesca Kramer's pregnancy who I also find to be one of the most beautiful faces-and hearts-in our country. I also find Angel Aquino's simplicity, her classic Filipina looks and warmth beautiful and timeless.

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The way I get ready for a special occasion is the same way I get ready for work. Again, I work in an industry that requires me to dress well, fix my hair, and be made up. I have to choose the right outfit, I usually do my own make up, but for my hair I always go to Jing Monis. On my show, ate Rhea, the hair and makeup artist assigned to me, always asks me what hair style I want for the day and it's either a blowout with volume that flattens my hair in a matter of minutes, thanks to my fine hair strands, or she comes up with an updo. Left to my own devices I just take advantage of my full bangs and pull my hair up in a ponytail.

Photo courtesy of Cesca LittonAt the top of Mt. Pulag--Cesca's 5th time to be exact.

When it comes to my looks, I care to a certain degree. But in the sense that I have to like what I wear, whether it's a glamorous dress or just a pair of shorts and a shirt. I'm very particular with my skin, teeth, and nails. If I can spend a day without putting an ounce of makeup on, my face stays bare. The thing is, I also love the outdoors and I climb mountains. I drench in sweat hiking with my backpack or I freeze on a summit somewhere, so there are moments when I really do just say, 'Screw it!'"

Photo courtesy of Cesca Litton


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