Rising Star: Sophie Albert

Photo courtesy of TV5.Many are not expecting Sophie Albert to be a boyish kind of girl.

Doors opened for 22-year-old industry new comer Sophie Albert when she won the reality-based search for artists of TV5 called Artista Academy last year. Her new show to be aired on the same network titled ‘Never Say Goodbye’ (premiering this February) may be her biggest break as she co-stars alongside big industry names like Nora Aunor and Cesar Montano.

It was such an honor for her to be working with the great Nora Aunor. “She is so nice. Parang nakakagulat,” she says as she describes the feeling to working with a legend. “The last scene I had with her [in 'Never Say Goodbye'], I had to cry tapos hindi ako maka-iyak. Tapos tinulungan niya ako. Binubulungan niya ako, ‘Isipin mo ganito, isipino mo ganyan.’ She’s really like a mom to me,” she explains her work relationship with Ate Guy.

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When it comes to the pressure she’s feeling when working with the big stars of the industry, Sophie just wants to give it her all. “It’s a big opportunity. I want to show them na hindi bale wala ang pagtitiwala nila sa akin. I’m proud to be part of the first prime time show of TV 5. Malakas ang pressure but everyone is just so nice kaya minsan nawawala ang pressure,” she says. Pero syempre at night, pag matutulog na ako, I think about it.”

At such a young age, there is still so much to look forward to for this bright, young star. She likes writing down her goals in her notebook so she’ll always be reminded of how far she has to go. “Doon ko sinusulat ang lahat ng gusto ko mangyari. I check it and as long as I write it down and think about it, it will happen. I’m not rushing, though. I feel like everything will happen in time.” Some girls her age are often seen out and about, clubbing and going to parties. But Sophie proves to be a homebody, reading and catching up with her books. The last book she read was the erotic romance novel by EL James, "50 Shades of Grey". If she were to compare herself to something, it would be a bed, she explains. “I’m just chill. I like to stay in one place. I don’t like going out so much. I’m laid back so I’m like a bed, I guess.”

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People may perceive Sophie Albert to be a girly-girl but on the contrary, she trades skirts for shorts. “I’m not really into high-fashion and I’m not eccentric. I just wear what is comfortable and I’m medyo boyish,” she says. “And people don’t expect that. They think I’m always mahinhin but I’m really a boyish girl. I like wearing shorts.” One thing she can’t live without though is a bag. “I like bags that I can dump everything in. If you open my bag, it’s like a trash can,” she jokes. “I dump everything there!”

We're wondering what else is in store for this celebrity in the coming year. But we’re only sure of bigger and brighter things to come for Sophie.

"Never Say Goodbye" Behind the scenes: Alice Dixson and Cesar Montano
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Photo courtesy of TV5.


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