Damage Control With Bianca Gonzalez

Photo from NPPA images.For Bianca Gonzalez, shampooing hair everyday is a must.

When it comes to Bianca's beauty regimen, minimalism is key. But when it comes to her crowning glory, she takes things seriously. Style Factor sits down with Bianca Gonzalez to talk about how she keeps her hair in shape and why she has always been frizz-free.

How do you fight frizz?
Honestly, I've never had a problem with frizz. I'm very, very lucky. Also because I've been using the same brand (Pantene) for over 12 years now. I'm blessed and born with straight, healthy, and thick hair. I've always used conditioner—I'm not sure if that's a factor… maybe!

Your hair always gets styled often. How do you prevent it from damage?

My hair is so prone to damage. As much as possible, I try to get treatments. I've been using Pantene for 12 years and just this year, they signed Alex Carbonell (celebrity hairstylist) to be the brand's salon ambassador, and anything that has to do with my hair, only Alex has been taking care of it. So my hair, it has only been touched by Pantene and Alex. Ever since 2000, Alex always reminds me to have a trim. Pag hindi ako nagpapakita, kinukulit niya ako. Feeling ko the daily maintenance is important. It helps na my routine everyday has been set: shampoo and conditioner. For me, the conditioner is such a big deal kase siguro it helps with the moisture. I don't believe in not shampooing everyday. Maybe in cold countries, yes! But in a warm country like ours, I believe in shampooing your hair everyday.

I found this tip from Alex na before, I was having a problem na bagsak yung hair ko and the trick there is to condition the tips kase if you condition so close to the roots, it's going to be so soft talaga na it's going to be limp. But konti lang sa taas, tapos doon sa tips, doon mo i-concentrate yung conditioner kase nandoon yung mga split ends. Everyone has a beauty regimen like whether it's washing your face or putting moisturizer but people tend to forget that there should also be a hair regimen, which is as simple as shampoo and conditioner.

Oh, and for those who love putting product on their hair, make sure to shampoo in the evening. It's like sleeping with makeup on, feeling ko, with all those gunk in your hair.

What is your go-to hairstyle that you can do on your own?

It's usually down. I like it not stiff. I don't like the rebonded look. I'm lucky na when it's air-dried, it doesn't look buhaghag. When you have to dry your hair on your own, you can use an iron, that's an easy way. But if you want less damage, electric-fan dry is mabisa. It's better because it's cool. So what I do, I use a roller brush. But if you want super volume, I learned this from my mom, tinataob ng mom ko hair niya, and by the time it's super dry na, she flips it out and it has volume.

Every when do you get a haircut?

Trim as much as possible talaga. If I go 6 months without a trim, papagalitan niya (Alex) ako. I'm the type na I like to change my hairstyle every 6 months. This is my first and longest time without bangs. Usually I have full bangs, side bangs, shaggy bangs.

Why do you trust Alex to cut your hair?

The story with Alex is that I met him through my brother. My brother was his customer. And when I started getting conscious about appearances, I was 4th year high school, my brother said 'Why not go to Alex?' He has tried so many hairstyles on me na parang, nakakakilig and people would come to his salon saying I want the "Bianca bangs" or I want Bianca's layered hair or Bianca's color. I trust Alex because he's not just aral but it's also innate sa kanya. Ang kwento kase sa kanya is he was a philo student in UST but just spent his free time after school in the parlor so he has that innate passion. Hindi lang siya natuto mag cut technically pero meron siyang creative flair. At super galing ng interpersonal skills niya. He'll push you to try new things but he won't force it upon you kung ayaw mo meaning ikaw parin ang masusunod in the end. Alex is all-in-one!

Describe a good hair day.
For a girl kase, feeling ko hair is really the crowning glory. If you have a good hair day, you feel better.  A good hair is when your hair feels light, when it doesn't feel sticky, and when it just frames your hair perfectly. Every bagsak of every strand is good. And when it feels fresh and healthy!

Photo from NPPA images.


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