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Divine Lee's impeccable style has landed her on the list of Manila's most fashionable people and one of the most recognizable media personalities today. Balancing roles as a TV host, girlfriend of model Victor Basa, and blogger (, Style Factor steals a bit of time from Divine to answer some of our most pressing fashion and beauty dilemmas.

Photo courtesy of Divine LeeDivine Lee

How do you look pretty without putting too much makeup?
"Wow! Thanks! I think even with makeup, everything starts with good skin, like a good canvas for a painting. Good skin means regular maintenance. Never sleep with makeup on—first and best advice I ever got."

Some people can't afford designer clothes. How can they look as fashionable as you?
"Style is not about the price. I am a good scavenger in thrift shops and ukay-ukays. Look for quality, nice cuts, and tailoring. For trendy and fad clothes, go to cheaper options since fashion changes a lot. And style your outfits! And have fun doing it!"

How do you stay slim and sexy?

"Umm… I'm not really the best person to ask since I am just learning to eat veggies. Although, more than staying slim, I'm trying to live healthier by doing core kinesis and running."

What if we only have 15 minutes to get ready for a date, what should we do first?

"I usually just need 15 minutes for a date night. I only take time when I need to go on TV. But for that 15 minutes, try high messy ponytail, dark eyeliner all over, black smokey eye (I mastered this in 5 minutes), concealer, powder, and lipstick."

Photo courtesy of Divine LeeDivine Lee's

Photo courtesy of Divine Lee.


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