Fashion Item Favorite: The Little Black Dress

Gretchen Barretto looks regal in an asymmetric black number.

While we support anything bright, printed, or colorful, black is still one of the important sartorial assets in your closet, especially the little black dress. Popularized by Coco Chanel in the 1920s when bright colors, prints and heavy embroideries dominated the fashion of women, it's one of those pieces that is sure to get a lot of style mileage.

Reliability. Don't know what to wear to a wedding? Don't know what to wear on your first day of work? Don't know what to wear to party? Wear a black dress! It will never let you down.

Megan Young relies on a sexy long black dress on the red carpet.

Versatility. It's all about creativity and sartorial smarts. If you want to look more dressed up, accessorize and wear heels. If comfort and style is what you're looking for while running errands, a black dress paired with ballerina flats look simply chic.

Timelessness. Whichever fabric, silhouette, and length you choose, it's one of those pieces in your closet that will last for years to come. It's also an easy canvas to update with the latest trends. It's prim and sexy all rolled into one.


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