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Given our hot, humid weather all year round, dry and frizzy hair is a common problem among Filipinas. This leads us to a question: just how do our local celebrities maintain their luscious locks then?  Here's how to maintain control over frizz, rain or shine.

Photo from Nppa Images.Angelica Panganiban and Christine Reyes keep their locks luscious with the right shampoo and conditioner.

1. It is common for Filipinos to shampoo their hair everyday but frequent washing can actually strip the scalp of natural oils that fight the frizz. If you're not so keen on skipping a head bath, skip the shampoo at least twice a week and just use conditioner instead.

2. After shower, don't rub your towel onto your hair to dry. Friction roughs up the hair's cuticle. As a result, it won't lie flat-- this makes hair look frizzy. Instead, just gently pat dry your hair with a towel and gently press the water out.

3. Every time you use a hair dryer, flat or curling iron, always make sure to apply a heat-protecting product. Heat can damage the hair, making your strands look dry and frayed, especially if you blow dry or flatten it with an iron often.

4. Deep-conditioning treatments help strengthen the cuticle and prevent dryness. Do it once a week. Tip: Apply on the hair below your ears so your crown doesn't get flat.

5. Before brushing your hair, lightly spritz a shine spray on your brush. This will put untamed strands in place. Spraying too much will weigh your hair down.

Photo from NPPA images.


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