Learn How To Get Hair As Shiny As Rica’s

Photo from NPPA images.Rica Paralejo knows the importance of hair care.

Ever since the Ang TV days in the early 90s, Rica Peralejo has always been best tressed. To this very day, with the long-gone Ang TV days, moving on as one of the members of ABS-CBN's circle of homegrown talents known as Star Magic, she remains to keep every strand in place. Just what is her secret to her shiny locks?

"A hair care regimen differs for each person," she says. "It depends on what kind of hair you have. And my hair has the tendency to be limp so I refrain from using conditioner kase lalo siyang nagiging limp when I put lots of conditioner." So when it comes to shampoo, Rica just doesn't use any kind of shampoo. "I just use a really good kind of shampoo—the volumizing kind," she explains. "But when I feel like it's really dry, binubugbog ko siya ng conditioner."

Rica admits that a big part of her confidence comes from her hair so she always makes sure that everyday is a good hair day. "I have to at least blow dry. Now, I have a little bit of perm so I put a little bit of hair product  para kahit hindi ayos, maganda parin. Or I usually have my curling iron with me. May technique ako diyan: I curl it and then brush it with a roller brush so it looks really natural," she shares.

Although she blow dries and curls her hair often, she is aware of the damage brought by these styling tools. "That's why you always have to go for treatment. And siguro, ako, if it's dry na, I cut it kase my hair grows really fast. Pero for the time being, hair treatment will do and siguro bugbugin mo siya ng conditioner," Rica lastly reiterates the importance of hair maintenance.

Photo from NPPA images.


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