How To Look Good On Bad Days

Rhian Ramos keeps her shopping free of stress by going online.Photo courtesy of NPPA Images

'Sosy Problems’ star Rhian Ramos is far from the character Lizzie (who is the spoiled-rich daughter of a hotelier and self-appointed leader of the Sosy group) she portrays in the film. When it comes to fashion, she admits to being functional. “I have to be realistic. Fashion has become disposable. I try to do my best to find affordable things, wear it, and make it look good,” she says. “Kung talagang pwede suotin ulit na hindi halatang inulit, I’d do it.”

She likes to keep her shopping stress free by going online. “Sometimes kase pag nasa taping ako tas biglang pinadalan ako ng requirements, tingin lang ako online. Ugali ko rin mag check ng sale section when it comes to online shopping. Hindi kase ako yung tipong ma-trendy. Pag pumapasok yung trends, it takes a while for those to become appealing to me,” she explains. “I always dress according to my body type. I also dress according to my mood. Pag bad mood, mas formal ako, mas ma-effort,” she adds. “Pag hina-hassle ko yung sarile ko para gumanda, ibig sabihin bad mood ako,” she admits.

Sure, her closet must already have everything, from bags to shoes but unlike popular belief, she says that she was never a ‘bag’ person. “Para di mag ka muscles arms ko,” she jokes. She’s more a shoe lady. “I can go for shoes as high as they can go pero pag off days ko or pag shooting day, naka flats lang ako,” she says.

She’s quite a minimalist when it comes to beauty as well. “Yung kikay kit ko ay hair scrunchie lang. I don’t bring one around. I have a makeup kit but it’s for my work. This (a scrunchie) is all I need,” she says. Like most celebrities, we never think they have bad days like us but Rhian proves to be flawed and that bad days do exist. “If I feel panget on some days, I put on an eyeliner. Yung parang kahit anong makeup mo kase, feeling mo ang panget mo. I turn to eyeliner because my eyes are very transparent. The more makeup I put on, the more na hindi mo ako mababasa. So pag bad mood ako, naka kilay ako, naka eyeliner ako, at nag ko-contour ako.”

For Rhian, bad days have nothing to do with how you look. “It’s more of an emotional thing.” And her secret to feeling better is by looking better.

Photo from NPPA Images.


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