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Photo courtesy of Beyond YogaThe couple that works out together stays together.

Even though they’ve just been officially for a week together, model-actress Bubbles Paraiso and business chain Victoria Court managing director (and heir) Atticus King look as if they’ve been in a relationship way longer than you had expected.

“We’ve known each other for the last five years. She added me on Facebook, stalking me,” he jokes. Bubbles was quick to reply with a laugh, “Kapal! Can you not! My version of the story was that he stalked me.”

Here’s the real story: They met at a new year’s party and Bubbles had rescued Atticus. “I didn’t really know a lot of people and she walked up to me and asked, ‘Hey Atticus, are you okay?’”

“He came with a common friend,” Bubbles further tells the story. “I was there with my friends. And I knew 70% of the people there. I knew he didn’t know anyone. He looked like a lost boy with his phone.”

And the rest, as they say, is history. But one of the things that really drew Atticus to Bubbles, he said, is that “aside from being active, she looks tough on the outside.”

“She looks like a tough person to get along with but she’s really warm. She’s really malambing. And once you get past the whole façade, you’ll find she’s really sweet,” Atticus added.

Bubbles finds Atticus very understanding despite their eight-year age gap. “He’s just so patient. He’s mature. He’s not like the guys I’m usually friends with. He’s not a player.”

They’re also not the usual couple who resort to dinner and movies for quality time. “We like discovering art together. We have a bucket list of things to do,” Atticus says.
Included in the list are trips to the Mind Museum, The Planetarium, Ocean Park, and to learn a foreign language together.

Bubbles says that they also like eating a lot. “He eats a lot of meat but he doesn’t like junk food. I don’t eat red meat and I eat seafood. Now, I’m eating poultry, too. And a lot of ice cream and chocolates,” Bubbles shares.

“We burn it by working out,” she says, adding that one of the workouts they like doing together is AntiGravity yoga at Beyond Yoga at Bonifacio High Street. “Thing is yoga for me is my downtime. I’ve been into sports since I was young,” Bubbles adds.

“I like AntiGravity yoga because it’s good for my core. I’ve tried other kinds of yoga like Bikram but I get bored because it’s a series of poses and it’s too routine. In AntiGravity yoga, they change it up,” she explains.

As for Atticus, although he has been practicing yoga for two years, he still doesn’t call himself a yogi. He believes yoga is the acceptance and appreciation of life, of living. “For me, yoga is about being centered in balance. As long as you don’t overdo something, it’s fine,” Atticus says.

Bubbles and Atticus sure found love just in time for the day of hearts. “When we first started dating, a good friend of ours told us, so you’re into fitness and she’s into food,” Atticus recalls. “Two things can happen: either you get fat or she gets fit. But we try to meet in the middle,” he says. Style Factor thinks it’s the latter: They get more fit together. Someday, Bubbles would like to do acro-yoga with Atticus—another addition to their bucket list. “I’d love to do that with her,” Atticus says.

Photo courtesy of Beyond Yoga. Beyond Yoga is located at BHS Central Branch, 3rd Floor, C2 Building, 7th Ave Corner 28th Street, Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City, Philippines. Tel. (02) 553-3799 / 0917-6BYYOGA (6299642) Email:

"He does acro yoga where you have a partner and I’d want to be able to do that with him," Bubbles says.
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