Moving On After A Breakup

Photo courtesy of OlayFor Mons Romulo, happiness shouldn't be based on people or things.

It is amazing to see women who can pick themselves up after a breakup. Personality and lifestyle writer Mons Romulo is one of them. A breakup from a 21-year marriage is definitely an ordeal. But Mons graciously and victoriously came through.

At this moment, she is happy. “I’m still grateful and there is nothing I want to change,” she says, which makes her quite the epitome of an empowered woman. She believes that women should be able to stand up on her own and not base their happiness on someone or something. “A woman can make herself happy and she should be grateful with whatever comes her way,” she explains.

After the breakup she has gone through, you’d think that she doesn’t fear anything anymore but she’s not afraid to admit her humanity. “I have three kids and I think about their health and their future.” But you see sparks of bravery within that fear. “I choose to look at the positive because I’ve gone through the worst and I was able to survive it. If I were able to go through that then anything negative that comes along will eventually pass.” She used to get anxiety attacks and it's hard to always be on panic mode. Most times, “we just have to accept what comes along. And always bear in mind that 'This too shall pass.' So every time something comes along that is not in the way I want, I do my best to see how I can change it. At the same time, I am already ready to accept whatever the outcome is.”

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When it comes to letting go, she sees it in the light of love. “You’re hanging on to that person because you love the person. But if you truly love the person, you want that person to be happy. You should just let him go and let him find his way back to you if it’s meant to be,” she says.

She finds support from her children, family, and friends. Like any woman, she doesn’t exclude shopping from the roster of things that she enjoys doing. “I always try to put myself in a happy disposition,” she says as she whips up a smile.

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