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Photo courtesy of the boys of Boys Night OutFor the boys, it's always the thought that counts when it comes to gift-giving.

Boys Night Out is probably one of Manila's most famous (or infamous) radio shows on Magic 89.9 that covers anything and everything that pertains to 'sexy time'. Style Factor visits the station of boys Sam YG, Tony Toni, and Slick Rick to talk about the looming holiday spirit in the air—after all Christmas is only two weeks away. Be warned as the conversations below may take a lecherous turn but at the end of it, these boys only speak of the truth every man and woman should know about, especially when it comes to gift giving.

Style Factor: How are you planning to spend the holidays?

Slick Rick: Usually with family. And Tony and Sam.
Sam YG: I usually spend the holidays working because we usually still have work; playing songs for people, and hopefully may makapansin sa amin at magka love life din kami ngayong holiday season.
Tony Toni: My family is in Toronto and I've always been here for Christmas for the past 10 years. This will be the fourth Christmas that I'll be spending it with family. I'll be flying to Canada. It's the only time I get to spend with them.

Style Factor: What's your ideal Christmas date with a girl?
Slick Rick: It would be either the 24th with her family or 25th with mine or the opposite.
Sam YG: So may sides? May girl side and may sa-iyo side.
Tony: Is this like a date? It's so broad now. Is this with feelings or without?
Slick Rick: Pang good time, pang short time, or long time? Is it with MOMOL (Make Out Make Out Lang) or without MOMOL? Do you expect coffee or puto bumbong after?
Sam YG: Are you expecting something after the date?
Tony Toni: But I guess it would mean something if you take her out on Christmas.
Sam YG: Yeah doon palang may meaning na yan.
Style Factor: Okay, let's give it meaning. Or okay fine, there's no meaning.
Slick Rick: Sige, with meaning and no meaning. No meaning—just hanging out with friends. Because the 24th or 25th you want to be with family. Kung may meaning, sana 24th or 25th family.
Sam YG: I'll do the ultimate Christmas combo—simbang ga-babes with matching puto bumbong or bibingka after. After that, I'll ask her, 'So, san tayo?' Alam naPwede kami mag Tagaytay after.
Tony Toni: Christmas with a girl? If she meant something to me or if I liked her, it'll be in my place. I'll give her a gift. The gift of pleasure. They say the true spirit of Christmas is giving.

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Style Factor: What really matters, is it the thought of the gift?
Slick Rick: For me it's the thought. Because the thing is, when you pick out the gift, and obviously you can pick out anything, there is a reason why you got it. There's a thought process involved. It doesn't necessarily have to be extravagant but it can be useful. But in my case, I like to give something extravagant, you know give nice expensive bags…
Tony Toni: He doesn't even know the girl and he gives her an iPhone 4.
Sam YG: Or a brand new macbook. Pro.
Tony Toni: It's totally the gift for him.
Sam YG: Pero for me, it's more of the thought. I value creativity. I value the small things. Kahit it's something small, if I see the girl using it, for me it's more meaningful. So it's really the thought regardless of value. If she put thought into it and pinag isipan niya, I will appreciate that.
Tony Toni:
For me, it's practicality. I'm Mr. Practical. So if I receive a gift or give a gift, it's something na I can use or the person can use. The amount doesn't matter. It depends on the level of income but I really don't mind. At the end of the day, it's the thought. If the person says 'Hey I just got you this but the reason why is…' There's a meaning to it and there's a back end story as to why she gave that gift. It's how you give it.

Style Factor: Are you looking forward to that traditional New Year's kiss?
Sam YG: With tongue?
Style Factor: Just describe how you want your New Year's kiss to be like and if you're looking forward to that.
Tony Toni: It's been how many New Year's that I haven't had a kiss. I haven't been here in the past two or three New Year's and it doesn't even occur to me. They say that if you start kissing on the first day of the year then you'll be kissing every day of the year.
Style Factor: Isn't that good?
Tony Toni: Spur of the moment. I mean if it happens. I spend New Year's with family. I don't go out. I don't go girl-hunting. My main thing is my family so I won't be expecting a kiss unless it's from my mom.
Slick Rick: For me and Sam, we don't end up looking for the kiss. We just end up hanging out with all our friends. That's how New Year's is mostly spent, with family. You don't make New Year's a special time to kiss. You make every day a special time to kiss. That way, it'll be like New Year's any time of the year.
Sam YG: Ang tanong, meron ba akong maki-kiss. Ako willing. Yung lips ko ready. Actually pina-pucker up ko nga eh. Nilalagyan ko na ng sobrang daming lip balm eh ang problema wala naman may gusto mag invest ng lips sa akin. If meron, yari yan! Iki-kiss ko yan!

Style Factor: Share your New Year's resolution.
Sam YG: I actually stopped making New Year's resolutions a long time ago because I believe that if you want to change something about yourself, you could do it any day. For example, if you want to quit smoking, you don't have to wait until New Year's to quit smoking. Although it is a good time to start because it's the beginning of a new year. But I'm more on if I want to change something, I'd do it any day and not wait until New Year's to change it.
Tony Toni: If I do think of one, it disappears. So now, actually, this year, I'm going to write down my New Year's resolution and hopefully it sticks. I still haven't really thought about it though. I mean I have a bucket list but that's not really a New Year's resolution. Actually, I just want to be more thankful and look at the things I have in my life. I'm so focused on the 'wants' every day of the year but when 2013 comes, I totally want to give thanks for the things I have.
Slick Rick: I'm with Tony here. With certain decisions that you made before, you didn't know it would affect you in a certain way. You just want to be thankful for the people that you work with. I want to be thankful of how blessed we are because it's difficult out there. Everything is about timing. Never forget to say thank you.

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Style Factor: Let's do a mini gift guide. What would you give your to girlfriend of three years?
Sam YG: That's a long time. That's the pang-seryoso type.
Slick Rick:
I'd give her something material. I'd give her a Prada bag. That's expensive.
Tony Toni: Ako, travel. I love to travel. When you travel, you both experience exponential growth personally and collectively. I always consider traveling to be a great thing and you can always learn more about a person when you travel together and how they are when you're with them. The little mannerisms tend to come out. When you travel together, you'll realize what you like, what you don't like, what she doesn't like. I actually like traveling with strangers to see how they are outside their comfort zone, and you'll be able to read them. If I'm with someone for three years, we'd travel out of the country.
Sam YG: It would have to really depend on the girl. I mean if you guys have been together for three years, you already know what she likes and the things that she's going to value. If she likes to travel, I'd take her out of town, if she likes gadgets then I'll give her a gadget. It really boils down to knowing the girl and making sure you get her something that she's going to like and she's going to use. Anybody can buy anything but people are never going to forget experiences. It's how you're going to make the person feel that day or at that time that's going to make all the difference. It's not all about the budget but how you use your resources that will determine your resilience. Kahit Manila Zoo nga lang yan at mag set up ka ng dinner sa gitna ng elepante, pwede na yun.

Style Factor: What about your girlfriend or the girl you're dating for two months pa lang?
Sam YG:
Kiss lang noh! Pwede na yun.
Tony Toni: My time is good enough. I'm very selfish with my time. I like 'me time' so to give time, that itself is a gift. That's just the way I am. Two months… that's 60 days. What would she want from me? When you give time, it's already a fact that you're interested. But for a Christmas gift, you can't go wrong with stuff she can use like makeup.
Slick Rick: Lingerie!
Tony Toni: Yeah lingerie. It's a bit intimate. She doesn't even have to be my girlfriend actually.
Sam YG: Kelangan mo ng isang safety Christmas gift. Pag di ka pa sure, always go safe. Mag pa ka-generic ka muna. That's if you're still not sure yet. Like if you're making tancha or if you want to take it to the next level or you just want to hang out with this girl. Except if you're Slick. Ano ba yung mga generic gifts? Lingerie is good.
Style Factor: But lingerie is pretty suggestive rin ha.
Tony Toni: But I feel no shame. Even if it weren't Christmas, I'd still give lingerie, like on her birthday. I mean it's useful and it's practical. And it depends on what kind of design you get. If you get something like animal print then that's being suggestive. But if you get a normal lace or linen lingerie, then that's okay.
Sam YG:
Shades rin. It's safe. The price is still on the safer side of things, depending on the brand.

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Style Factor: What about the best friend na girl na you have 'something' for?
Sam YG:
Best friend with malisya? Syempre I'll give her a gift na may malisya rin kase I have malisya for her.
Tony Toni: Wait! Does she like me or she doesn't like me? There are a lot of factors.
Style Factor: How I picture it is that you guys have been best friends for quite some time.
Tony Toni: You have to give a time. I don't believe in two to three years na best friends. It has to be five to six years of friendship.
Sam YG: Madami diyan nag be-bestfriends for best friends sake.
Style Factor: Okay fine, best friends with benefits.
Sam YG: Yun naman pala eh! I'd go to the pleasure place.
Tony Toni: Lingerie pa rin.
Sam YG: Hindi naman sobrang kinky.
Style Factor: This is the best friend that you confide all your emotional baggage to.
Sam YG: But meron ka rin MOMOL benefits. And you guys know hanggang dun lang kayo.
Slick Rick: Well, at that point you guys already know what each other likes and you guys are already comfortable with each other.

Photo courtesy of the boys of Magic 89.9's Boys Night Out.


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