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There's always that phase in your life where zits get the best of your skin. For the lucky ones, it's a stage their skin gets over with. For others, it remains or returns with a vengeance. Just how do you say goodbye to acne forever? Here some easy tips and rules to live by to avoid breakouts from recurring.

Clear comes after clean.
It's as simple as washing your face every morning and every night, but also don't forget to wash after working out. Use cleansers with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid helps soften the skin, takes off dead skin and is recommended for the treatment of acne, especially for acne that has healed and has left scars.

Never pop.
Like they say, once you pop, you can't stop. And popping or pricking zits will only result in inflammation or, worse, scars. If you really want it popped, visit your dermatologist. Only a professional can do it right without scarring, in which case you're not.

Stick to what works.
Any change in your regimen can start a reaction from your skin so always stick to the basics and what really works for your skin. If you want to add a new product to your routine, make sure to read the label or ask your dermatologist about it.

Retin what?

Another ingredient you should know about is retinoids. Retinoids reduce wrinkles, fade spots, build collagen, and prevent acne from recurring. Most dermatologists have their own formulation but there are also some available in the market and is usually written as retinol or Retin-A in the label. Make sure to use only the right amount needed for your skin. It's still best to consult your dermatologist about this ingredient.

Beat the stress.
Stress is probably the most common cause of acne. When you're stressed, it increases oil production in the body, which then leads to clog pores and whiteheads, and eventually these whiteheads turn into pimples. If there's any way you can relax to beat the stress, take it. Exercise, get a massage, or take up a yoga class to clear the mind.

Photo from NPPA images.


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