Phoemela Baranda’s Secret To Beautiful Hair

One amazing body, a pair of long legs, a beautiful angular face, and a head of luscious locks make up PMAP (Professional Models Association of the Philippines) model, actress, host, and Pantene Style Authority Phoemela Baranda.  Style Factor caught up with Phoem on one of her off-duty days to talk about how she keeps her head of hair best tressed. Take notes, girls!

Photo from NPPA images.Best Tressed: Phoemela Baranda with her bombshell curls.

How do you take care of your hair?
Super dead na my hair if I don't condition it. Hair masks really help me. I leave it on at night. Before sleeping, I leave the mask on and I put a towel on my pillow. Wala akong time during the day so an overnight hair mask really helps. Sobrang gastos ko kase that I also use it as my conditioner instead of the normal conditioner. Ibang klase maka dry ang plantsa.

Do you ever plan to have a drastic change in hairstyle?
I'm not really that adventurous with my hair. I have a very angular face. And with our work, I have to be versatile—like if they (client) want my hair naka pusod or like Victoria's Secret super sexy curls, it's always better if I have long hair. But of course I really want to try the Audrey Hepburn hair that's really short. But for now, I have to always keep it long.

If you wake up with bad hair, what's your solution?

I have to fix my hair no matter what. I already have all the hair tools—from rechargeable to wireless. I put this treatment product on the tips of my hair so it wouldn't look dry. I can tie my hair but as much as possible, I have to look presentable all the time. I learned, through the years, how to do my own hair and makeup in the car.

Any hair product you can't live without?

The mask and the conditioner. It's always better to have your hair protected. It coats your hair every time you have it ironed. My hair is already brittle going through a lot of styling products and heat.

Do you make it a point to wash your hair after events?

Sometimes, even at hair shows, our hair gets teased to death. Conditioner is the secret to get tangles out!

Photo from NPPA images.


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