To Pixie? Or Not To Pixie?

Photo from Getty Images.Pixie Pretty: TV star Ginnifer Goodwin, newly pixied Anne Hathaway, and Michelle Williams.

If you're looking for change, your hair is a good place to start. Decades have passed and the pixie style is still as iconic as ever.

In the 50s, Audrey Hepburn turned heads with her own head of short hair. In the late 60s, Edie Sedgwick and Mia Farrow have sported the 'do. In the 70s, Twiggy has popularized it again. It went absent for a while in the early 80s with a resurgence from Mary Stuart Masterson in her 1987 film, "Some Kind of Wonderful", and went back full blast with Demi Moore in "Ghost" in 1990 along with Winona Ryder in the latter part of the decade.

To date, the new millennium, stars like Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan, Michelle Williams, and the most recent, Anne Hathaway, have let go of their locks. In the local scene, not many have been brave enough to go pixie but there are a few courageous souls like Jolina Magdangal who donned the cut back in 2006, and Gretchen Baretto who took baby steps towards short hair with a bob that fell just right by the ear in 2008, and more recently, in 2011, designer and entrepreneur Mandy de la Rama-Santos was spotted with the androgynous cut.

Chief Creative Director Alex Carbonell of Studio Fix Salon, who's "mane-tained" the hair of celebrities and personalities like Bianca Gonzales, Toni Gonzaga, Daphne Oseña-Paez, Tim Yap, Isabelle Daza, Iya Villyana, and Jolina Magdangal, gives us his two-cents worth on the pixie hairstyle.

Photo from NPPA images.Celebrity hairstylist Alex Carbonell gives advice if Pinays should let go of their long locks.

Who among your celebrity clients have gone from long hair to pixie cut style?
Jolina Magdangal. It was such a wonderful experience because she donated her long hair to a cancer institute. What a noble act! And she enjoyed her pixie cut! Everyone loved it. Her hair now is back to very long, though.

Will the pixie cut suit every kind of girl?
More than the shape of the face and the lifestyle and personal attitude, I am more cautious with the natural texture of the hair. The hair's texture (and cowlick) can affect the total shape of the pixie cut. Pixie cut for girls should be feminine, tousled or head-hugging; therefore, the texture should be manipulated easily. I have done pixie on women with a round face shape, and its fabulous! It generally gives them a whole new look.

Any advice on growing out short hair?

The pixie cut should be trimmed every 8 weeks, and I concentrate on cutting it on the outline areas only. The back is the focal point and it should always be neat; the sides must always look light in texture so there's a need to trim the side areas. The crown and fringe are the ones I maintain so they can grow as months go by.

Does age matter when considering hairstyles?
Yes. The older you get the more you should avoid vintage cuts. For example, never wear Farrah Fawcett layers if you are in your 50s. If you're in your younger years, be more experimental and go for modern cuts. The pixie cut hair is great for all ages. My basic principle is that you cannot achieve modern shapes using non-modern cutting techniques and non-modern cutting tools. Razor cutting, feather razor cutting, and thinning shears are some important cutting tools.

Photo courtesy of Alex Carbonell; Photo of Ginnifer Goodwin, Anne Hathaway, and Michelle Williams from Getty Images.


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