Rico Blanco’s Christmas Playlist

Photo courtesy of Warner PhilippinesMusic man Rico Blanco knows the true meaning of Christmas.

Rico Blanco can sure write some of the most inspiring, some even wistful, lyrics that has got us lying on our beds pondering about the past, belting out his very own words in bars without a care in the world, or banging our heads to his music just because it feels so damned good. But one of things that  has got us thinking lately is just what does Rico Blanco think about when he's listening to music. Style Factor is lucky to find out just what one of the Philippines' most notable music men thinks about when he's not making music and listening to other bands and artists. In the light of the holidays, we ask him what his five favorite Christmas songs are and why, perhaps, we should listen to it as well.

1.    Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit
"I've been wanting to record a full on ska version of this song for years. It was our go-to song when we were kids caroling to neighbors."

2.    Do They Know It's Christmas (1984) by Band Aid
"Some of my fave artists all together in one song. Too good that I enjoy singing it year round. It's best with friends at videoke."

3.    The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)
"The lyrics might be a little Western but it's just a great composition. Very descriptive and visual. Always transports me to another place. I did my own little version but Nat King Cole's will always be my favorite."

4.    One Christmas Catalogue by Captain Sensible
"New wave + Christmas = brrrr."

5.    Si Jesus Christ Ang Pasko, Hindi Ang Mga Regalo by The Wuds
"What Christmas is really about."

What are your favorite songs to listen to this Christmas?

Photo courtesy of Warner Music Philippines.


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