Rovilson Fernandez On Diets And Cheat Days

Photo courtesy of Rovilson FernandezDiets don't exist for Rovilson Fernandez. The secret is in quantity and moderation.

Rovilson Fernandez is a slasher. No, it's not the morbid kind. His occupation is composed of several slashes: a host, an endorser, an athlete, an adventure seeker, a writer and an editor. "The slashes can go on forever," he says. How he sets aside time for each of his 'life occupation' is unimaginable so how does this Jack of all trades keep himself in good, smoldering shape? Style Factor finds out.

Exercise is a pretty big part of Rovilson's life. He keeps a regular workout schedule. "I absolutely adore CrossFit at the moment. It's my new addiction," he admits. "On a daily basis, CrossFit exercises are always varied. The routine uses real-life muscle movements and are generally painful—in a good way. I like to throw in a 10-kilometer run every few days and mix in some basketball, badminton, and swimming just to keep the other muscles and joints happy and active," he adds. "If I don't have a good laugh and exercise in a day, then for me it's a day wasted."

Although he seems like the kind of guy who watches what eats, Rovilson is the exact opposite. "I hate the word 'diet', 'cheat day', and 'no carbs'. Who cares? If you don't pay your bills with your underwear and lingerie billboards, then you really should eat what you want. The secret is in the quantity and moderation," he explains. "Eat a slice, take a nibble, mix in a salad once in a while, and avoid processed foods. Microwave should not be a part of your vocabulary. Eat food as naked as possible. Hell, eat naked as much as possible!" When it comes to food choices, he thinks that "protein is good, excessive salt is bad and sugar is the devil." But he does eat what tastes good. "I just get on the treadmill and burn that bad boy off," he adds.

Rovilson also sets aside time for his grooming. He takes care of his skin with sun block. "It's of paramount importance," he says. "But my real ally is facial moisturizer." He applies this at least three to four times a day in the morning and before bed time. When it comes to fine lines, he admits that he does like the 'crow's feet' around his eyes. "They say that for men, it adds character."

There is indeed a time to do everything. And for this smoldering hunk of all trades (who is also a World Wildlife Fund National Ambassador), he should be adding 'slash superman' in his life occupation.

Photo courtesy of Rovilson FernandezCrossFit is Rovilson's new workout addiction.

Photo courtesy of Rovilson Fernandez.


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