Is Short Hair Better?

By Nikki Muller

Photo courtesy of Yahoo!Style Factor host Nikki Muller muses on how a haircut can change your life.

Coco Chanel once said, "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life."

You can't escape the symbolism of this dramatic change. Whatever the reason may be for you to sit in that chair and chop off the inches, it really is quite literally, and figuratively, a weight off your shoulders!

Yes, it can be scary. You worry about how long it took to grow, you wonder if it will suit you or make you look too masculine.

Then all of a sudden, the "new you" looks in the mirror and can't help but smile. "Hey, I look pretty good!" But that's not half as good as it makes you feel.

I've had short hair for most of my life. Growing up, my father used to say that long hair was unhygienic. So I rebelled and grew it long — and loved it. I'm in the TV business so you'll notice that most female presenters keep their long locks mostly for versatility in their appearance.

However, I was never the type of woman who had the faintest idea of how to style long hair. It was either in a bun, a pony tail or left to live in the wild!

So when the opportunity came to chop it off for a travel series, I took it as a chance to start a new life. I had been waiting to do something drastic that would propel me to unearth my confidence and find the woman hiding behind the mane.

The next action was to find the perfect style that would represent me. I am a big fan of vintage chic. I love jazz, the stunning and elegant styles of the '40s and '50s and the liberation in fashion and the feminist revolution of the '60s. Naturally I opted for the pixie haircut of the beautiful American actress Jean Seberg, who became an instant and forever a fashion icon when she starred in the French movie classic, "Breathless."

Whether it's psychosomatic or fact, my short hair feels like I've been given a second chance. Cutting your hair is a ritual — and a ritual can have a deep and personal significance. Since choosing my new look, I feel uplifted. My friends and colleagues tell me they've seen a visible change in my demeanor. It's almost like I had a debut!

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I am in a very happy place in my life and I've regained the confidence I once had but could never quite tap into of late.

And hey, let's not forget how much time I've saved getting ready for an event or a night out with friends… I use much less shampoo, hair fall is dramatically reduced, and I can style it in less than a minute —my hair air-dries in 5! I have absolutely no regrets about what I've done. Some say men love women with long hair, and I say, but I love me more.


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