Style File: Fashion Blogger Laureen Uy

Photo courtesy of Laureen UyLaureen Uy has gained a cult following for her blog "Break My Style"

Laureen Uy, the younger sister of celebrity stylist Liz Uy, is a celebrity in her own right. The 22-year-old fashion blogger is currently on the rise to stardom, making a name for herself in the blogosphere (with 9,822,084 views to date) and Twitterverse (with 215,426 followers as of press time). Her two-year-old blog is actually a visual diary of her fashion choices and a link to her clothing line called Stylebreak. "I thought of 'Break My Style' because I wanted people to break away from their normal get-up into something more experimental," she explains. And that sets her apart from other fashion bloggers out there.

Photo courtesy of Laureen uyWhen it comes to her style choices, Laureen is attracted to black, silver, and neon items.

Style Factor talks to Laureen Uy about style, her own sartorial choices, and how to start a fashion blog.

Describe your style.
I experiment a lot but I guess I'm leaning towards edgy. I always find myself attracted to black, silver, and neon items. My style always evolves.

Describe your closet.
I have 80% heels and 20% flats. I have a lot of black and printed items. I have a lot of accessories.

Photo courtesy of Laureen UyLaureen Uy's eclectic mix of shoes and accessories.

Why did you decide to start a fashion blog?
It was actually a birthday gift for myself last 2010. I wanted to have a visual diary so that I can see all the outfits I've worn already and how my style evolves.

When it comes to starting a fashion blog, what should one consider first and foremost?

To invest in a nice camera. I suggest a Sony RX100—it's a digital camera but with SLR quality. Also, keep your layout simple—the simpler, the better. Focus on the content. Have a nice header/banner because it's the first thing they see when they open your page. Make the site user-friendly and, lastly, get your own domain and stick to it.

Do you have to be a good writer to start a fashion blog or it just all boils down to having a fetish for fashion?

Honestly, it depends on one's personal style and ideas. One's fashion blog can be all photos with just captions, and another can be a few photos with a lot of words.

How can a fashion blogger set her site apart from other blogs?
Be original.

Photo courtesy of Laureen Uy.


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