True Beauty: Angelica Panganiban

Photo from NPPA images.Angelica Panganiban keeps it simple when it comes to her beauty regimen.

A natural beauty, 26-year-old Angelica Panganiban looks like she's never had a rough day in her life. The showbiz industry is, after all, a tough world to be in. She has been placed in the media's hot seat several times and yet, it still seems that she has everything under control. More than the grace she has to keep herself composed, her fashion choices and beauty regimen has a lot to do with it as well.

A jeans-and-shirt kind of girl, Angelica isn't really one to be sartorially picky. "Comfy and relaxed," she says as she describes her style. Shoes, heels, and flats are what mostly compromise her closet. "I'm not fond of dressing up pero sa shoes ako bumabawi." On the contrary, the first investment fashion item she ever bought was a bag but "mas masaya ako nung nakabili ako ng Louboutins!" she shares.

When it comes to her beauty routine, she believes that "less is more." She doesn't like putting on makeup but always puts moisturizer on her skin. On the red carpet, she goes for a makeup look depending on her mood but the "lighter makeup, the better," she says. And one to never disregard her hair, she always makes sure it's brushed and gets the TLC it deserves. "I put hair cream and hair conditioner from Pantene."

To stay fit, playing badminton is her workout of choice. "I don't get bored and hindi mo namamalayan na you're losing weight while having fun. It's also my time to bond with my friends."

The celebrity's fashion and beauty choices are surprisingly simple but like they all say, it is in the simplest of things where you find true beauty—and that is what Angelica exactly is.

Photo from NPPA images.


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