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Photo from NPPA images.Thick, full eyebrows look great on a small face like Kim Chiu.

Photo from NPPA images.Maja Salvador keeps her arch perfect by filling it in.

Grooming your eyebrows can easily transform and brighten a face. It accents and frames the face, and can make you look more mature, younger, and sometimes even happier. If going to the salon to have your eyebrows groomed every two or three months is a bit expensive for you, learn how to shape it on your own by following these steps:

1. Brush the brow hair straight up with a spool. A spool is a mascara-styled brush. Trim any long hair sticking out.
2. Line or draw the shape you the desired shape you want for your brows with a white eyeliner pencil as a guide.
3. Tweeze the hair outside the line. The trick to tweezing is not taking more than necessary. It's best not to overdo this technique because plucking one strand of brow hair can make all the difference.
4. Fill in the brows if the hair is sparse. Make sure to pick your pencils wisely. For dark colored brows, best to use taupe.
5. Apply clear mascara to put the hair in place. Make sure to brush the thickest part of the brow near the inner corner before applying clear mascara.

Photos from NPPA images.


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