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  • It’s the year of the rocking horse, and as usual, we look at the days to come with hope in our hearts, the promise of a better tomorrow, and new beginnings for the stars.

    Here’s a little wish list  that will hopefully make the stars less stressed and happier in 2014:

    ·         Peace in the Barretto family.  The feud has destroyed the bond between patriarch, Miguel, mommy Inday and Claudine, on one hand, and  Gretchen and Marjorie, among others. Perhaps the Barrettos can take a cue from the family of Claudine’s estranged husband, Raymart Santiago.  Raymart’s Kuya Randy has defended his younger brother, but has rightly refused to be dragged into the issue.  Now that’s the spirit!

    ·         Reconciliation between Charice and her mother Raquel Pempengco.  Mother and daughter haven’t been in speaking terms for months.  Even Charice’s grandmother, Teresita Relucio, said the singer attempted suicide and has gone bankrupt (not true, according to a reliable source).

    But all is not lost.  Charice

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  • It’s easy to see why “10,000 Hours” won 14 awards at the recently-concluded Metro Filmfest awards rites.   It’s as timely as today’s headlines.

    Senator Gabriel Alcaraz (competently played by Metro Filmfest Best Actor Robin Padilla) is ready to expose a pork barrel scam that threatens to blow up in the face of the sitting president (Bibeth Orteza).  Enroute to the Senate, he learns the police are bent on arresting him for his perceived involvement  in a  murder case.

    Rather than kowtow to government, he  goes to  Amsterdam, where he stays for 10,000 hours (hence the title of the film).

    There’s never a dull moment as Alcaraz fights the biting cold, the prospect of starvation and homelessness to elude arrest.  You feel for this man who loves his country so much, he sacrifices himself  and his family (Mylene Dizon sparkles as the spunky wife who bears the burden of raising a brood of three by her lonesome while her husband is away) to wrest free from corrupt powers-that-be.

    You admire Mrs.

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  • Top musician Emy Munji’s three-year-old grandchild by Ayen Munji-Laurel sings the blues. Elsewhere around the world, musicians young and old are performing crossover jazz – jazz mixed with pop, classical music, etc.

    Jazz is everywhere – starting from New Orleans, Chicago, Tokyo, and of course, the Philippines. Jazz festivals have been going on in Africa, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Europe,  North America, South America and Asia, including, of course, the Philippines.

    Filipino jazz musicians have carved a niche for themselves worldwide. The late  jazz pianist Bobby ‘The Wildman’ Enriquez was known far and wide for his energetic performances. Bob Aves, Mon David, Mishka Adams and  Johnny Alegre  are also shining lights in the international and local jazz scene.

    The jazz fever is by no means limited to more mature artists. Students from  top universities have latched on to the bandwagon.   UP (University of the Philippines) has its own jazz ensemble. UST (University of Sto.

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  • Those who  make a big fuss over the intimate scenes between two rebels (played by Jake Cuenca and  Bascon) in Joel Lamangan’s “Lihis”  may be missing a vital point. These scenes stand out because of their shock value.

    But physical intimacy is not the main come-on of the Sineng Pambansa indie.  Those who think it is, is doing the film and its creators, among them award-winning scriptwriter RickyLee a grave injustice.

    Manipulating history

    The main point of the film is a dictator’s cruel act of manipulating history to his favor.  It is about the  fact that no matter how much one hides the truth, it will always come out – not in the present generation perhaps, but in the next.

    “Lihis” tells the story of an armed struggle against oppression – and of how two men gave their lives to set their countrymen free.  It’s like “War and Peace” on a smaller scale.  The ugly side of war – the  chaos, pillaging,  gunfights –  has an upside. Love blooms in the time of war – in this case, a revolution  right

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  • The Barretto family feud has all the ingredients of party conversation openers. It has two warring sides – the mother (Inday Barretto) and sister Gia Barretto-Reyes) on one hand, and a celebrity figure (Gretchen Barretto) and her brother Joaquin on the other.

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    It involves the high profile Barretto showbiz family, led by Gretchen, her sisters Marjorie and Claudine, and niece Julia.

    It has spawned more questions than answers, confusing us all the more.

    On top of the list is what pushed Inday to go public with her grievance over Gretchen, when the matriarch is expected to protect her child and unite the family.

    Psychologist and life coach Dr. Randy Dellosa shares his opinions to Yahoo! Philippines OMG!

    “It seems easy for people to assume a holier-than-thou attitude and judge Inday Barretto as an uncaring and irresponsible mother for disowning Gretchen,” Dellosa begins.

    Also read: Joaquin Baretto defends sister Gretchen

    “However, we

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  • What would you do if the end of the world is near?

    Fall on your knees and storm the heavens the whole day long? Hide under a rock and expect the worst? Gather your friends in a protracted road trip and go where your trusty van will take you?

    The six friends in the comedy film “Coming Soon” chose option three. And boy, did they get more than they bargained for!

    Sikyu (Boy 2 Quizon) drinks a potion that  made him do things he would regret to an old woman (Lilia Cuntapay). Nacho (Cholo Barretto) finally reveals his most personal secret to best friend Sikyu. Monica (Andi Eigenmann) grapples with issues surrounding her mother. Their other friends, played by Glaiza de Castro, Dominic Rocco and Carla Humphries, also wrestle with their own demons.

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    The fun lies in how the barkada manages to do this in the span of one long road trip.  There are no breathtaking scenes one would expect from a road   trip movie like

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  • In a war, no one wins. And when the war centers on highly-visible parents, it is the innocent child who suffers all the more.

    In the case of Kris Aquino and ex-husband James Yap, it is their five-year-old son Bimby, who emerges as the the worst casualty.

    Take it from psychologist-life coach Dr. Randy Dellosa.

    “Parental conflict, especially when intense emotions are displayed, is always psychologically toxic and traumatic for children. Children need to feel safe and secure in the company of their parents. When they’re  exposed to their parents’ emotional battles, they grow up feeling worried, afraid, depressed, angry, and insecure,” he says.

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    Those familiar with the latest Kris-James saga know Bimby saw his parents wrangling right in front of him. Kris even said that she saw the boy crying because he thinks his dad was not telling the truth.

    Dellosa explains the heart-rending scene at the lobby of Kris’ place.

    “Children want to be loyal

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  • Even if showbiz insiders know  Kapuso star Ogie Alcasid’s  reported transfer to TV5 months from now is a foregone conclusion, it is only  Willie Revillame, so far, who has  decided to openly hint about it on nationwide TV.
    The irrepressible host of the  TV5 noontime show, “Wowowillie”  asked he audience  last weekend, “Kilala nyo ba kung sino  itong bagong kasama dito?”

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    'Nandito Ako'

    Willie then sang “Nandito Ako,” Ogie’s  popular composition.

    Put two and two together and you know Willie need not name names.  He is referring to Ogie, whose contract with GMA 7 is expiring months from now. His manager, Leo Dominguez,  has  reportedly started negotiations with TV5.

    Asked for his reaction on the set of his upcoming comedy, “Raketeros,” Ogie’s reaction was short and non-committal.

    “Ang cute naman!” he told reporters .  “Nagkita kami ni Willie sa isang party last Saturday night and he told me about it.”

    Ogie is set to do one more

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  • Senatoriable Migz Zubiri has a soft spot for the showbiz industry and its workers  since he once hosted the show “Team Explorer” for years on ABS-CBN.

    He wants to provide steadier employment for movie workers by launching a second film festival besides the annual Metro Manila Filmfest (MMFF), and he is looking at June 2014 as the launch date of the mid-year event.

    “Plano na namin ni direk  Joel (Lamangan) yan.  Naudlot kasi nag-resign ako ng maaga (as senator),” he said at the presentation of the 15 graduating scholars  of the Nagkakaisang Manggagawa ng Pelukulang Pilipino (NMPP). Zubiri gave educational grants to the scholars through his Priority Development Association Fund.

    Zubiri revealed that he already spoke with  PAGCOR officials for possible sponsorship of the mid-year filmfest. He added that he can ask his friends from politics and business to sponsor the filmfest.

    “Maybe we can ask MVP (business tycoon Manny V. Pangilinan), na ninong ko sa kasal,” he goes on.

    Zubiri believes

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  • Not all men are created equal. Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Others are abandoned right after they see the light of day.

    Manila mayor Alfredo Lim belongs to the latter category. His indigent mother left him in the turning cradle of Hospicio de San Jose when he was a baby. He grew up longing for a mother’s touch until his grandparents plucked him from the orphanage and gave him a happy home.

    This is what moviegoers see in the opening scenes of the biopic “Alfredo S. Lim: The Untold Story.” Okay, okay. The opening of the movie (Feb. 27 in theaters nationwide) is right smack in the middle of campaign season, when Lim is battling the popular Joseph Estrada for Manila mayor.

    Timeless theme

    A man’s triumph over adversity could be a worn-out theme. But the appeal of true-to-life stories showcasing this theme remains as strong as ever.

    Cesar Montano as the well-decorated public servant is, as always, right for the job. He is a chameleon of an actor – moving fast against

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