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  • We've known Karylle as a singer, actress and a song writer. Now she gives us a glimpse of her "other side".

    Relatively private about her love life, Karylle now lets us take a peek at the other side of her beau, Yael Yuzon, vocalist of the band Sponge Cola.

    Here's a video produced by Karylle herself, directed by Nani Naguit; animation by: Alwyn Cruz; Actor: Garry Lopez.

    Here's what Karylle has to say too:

    Thank you to the wonderful owners and staff of EDSA Garden House (www.egh.com.ph). It's right in the middle of EDSA! You can ask for help in making your own herb garden. It's easy! If Yael can do it, so can you =) Thank you Ms. Pearl for sharing her knowledge in gardening.

    Disclaimer: Yael is not an actual "farmer," Direk Nani simply started calling him a "farmer" and the name stuck somehow.

    Sponge Cola will hold a concert Maximum Capacity at the Music Museum on 19 July 2013, 9:00 PM, with special guests Mr. Gary Valenciano, Zia Quizon and more.  (For Ticket inquiries, please call Music Read More »from Yael Yuzon's 'other side', revealed!
  • Back to Hong Kong and into Macau!

    Correct me if I'm wrong but during my childhood in the 80s, Hong Kong was probably the top destination for most Filipino families who had a travel budget. If you had a bigger budget, I'm guessing L.A. would be a common destination too.

    I'm not basing this on any statistics, just on the number of childhood photos (a.k.a. Pixelated #ThrowbackThursday photos on Instagram), obligatory HK plates taken in the key scenic spots, and magnets I've seen in friends' houses.

    As a grown up, Hong Kong disappeared from my dream destinations since it was all about Esprit shops for me as a kid. Thankfully, cheaper flights and shows abroad brought me all around the world and I finally convinced myself to go back to Hong Kong as an adult! To stay true to theme, my trip back to my childhood required a stay at the Disney hotel.

    Also by Karylle: I lived a forgotten dream!

    The best part was waltzing in the huge garden where they played orchestra versions of all the beautiful Disney songs. I loved meeting and

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  • I lived a forgotten dream!

    It's been a while since my last post.  Despite my fatigue from my daily "Showtime" and rehearsals for the revival of "Rama Hari," the pop ballet musical that's opening Friday, Nov. 30 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, nothing could stop me from sharing what happened today.

    Today, I lived my dream…well, sort of…

    I danced on the CCP main theater stage. I sang most of the time but I was able to do my everyday twirls (if you know me, you'd know I randomly twirl several times a day) on "THE STAGE."

    I even met the very handsome premiere danseur Nonoy Froilan.  I found a way to dance with him as he corrected our little dance number to be more true to the original that he performed in 1980.

    OJ Mariano, Carissa Adea, BP artistic director Paul Alexander Morales and Kalila Aguilos (Contributed photo by Karylle)I wore my rotting ballet shoes and then my new Bloch pointe shoes when I joined the Ballet Philippines (BP) dancers. When BP founder Alice Reyes saw me, she giggled and asked me to go on pointe and she said "nice feet" to which I let out a super kilig sound which I cannot recreate in words.

    In the dressing room with Sita dancers Katherine Trofeo and Kalila Aguilos (Contributed photo by Karylle)

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  • #OnHIGHerGround the Concert

    Gary Valenciano serenades his fans at the Music Museum during his concert. (NPPA Images)Every time Tito Gary has a concert, I always feel a #HEIGHtened excitement and make an event of it. This year, since I have been trying my best to support the OPM concert scene, I have vowed to watch one OPM concert for every foreign act that I watch. To my mind, it balances things out in the music world somehow. Going back to the concert, since our families have #HIstory, I made sure my mom @zsazsapadilla, sister @ziaquizon and I were in complete attendance for Tito Gary's concert. We don't simply call each other "family friends" but we do call each other "POF" or "Part-of-Family" since Mama and Tito Gary have been singing partners since the 80s. It was rather amusing that Tito Gary would suddenly talk to my mom during the concert about random things as if they were onstage together. They have been performing in concerts and are finally starring in a movie together together where in they pay tribute to the music of the APO Hiking Society. This is where we play connect the dots. The

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  • On Saturday March 10, Juris is celebrating her birthday with a concert in Music Museum.

    Here's Juris inviting you all to her birthday party!

    Juris Forevermore: A birthday treat concert posterThere have been an overwhelming number of foreign acts that visit the country and I think it's important to show OPM artists some love once in awhile. So, I asked some friends of mine on Twitter about their favorite Jurissong and why they love this talented girl who won the Best Album award at the 24th Awit Awards for  "Juris, Now Playing."  This is what the music lovers have to say...

    Here's a shout-out from her kababayan from Davao =)

    Faye Alicarte - @shheeeboom  I love Juris because she's a proud dabawenya! :)

    And here are some tweets from her good friends from the music industry:

    @aizaseguerra - siyempre favorite juris song is di lang ikaw and magkaibang mundo!:)

    what i love about juris is her simplicity sa pag interpret ng kanta. Soothing voice.

    @duncanramos - My fave Juris song?..The song I wrote for her previous album. Haha. I like"Di Lang

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  • Perfect pairs

    Getty Images

    Love is in the air. Sometimes, it's nice to think of love in terms of metaphors. One of my favorite lines about love can be found in the Barbra Streisand classic Evergreen. She sings "love soft as an easy chair," to which rap group Salbakuta replies with the word "stupid" in their anthemic rap song "Stupid Love."

    It was a bitter twist to the love song because a lot of love stories do turn sour. That's why this Valentine's day, I look to food to find love. Some pairings are traditional and some are strange, let's take a look at some perfect pairings from my friends on Twitter. Maybe we can apply some or most of these pairings to this day of hearts!

    This is my own personal list of favorite food pairings:

    1. French fries and caramel sundae
    2. Atchara and chicharon (I learned this from a family of Pampangeños)
    3. Champorado and tuyo (This used to be our midnight snack in Lireo where we taped for Encantadia)
    4. Chokolate and grilled Mary Grace ensaimada (I tried this in my Tita's house

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  • ‘Showtime’ in Dubai

    Photo courtesy of @djmodshowtime(UPDATE) Everyday, we see madlang people ("Showtime" audience) from different parts of the world visit the Showtime studio, greeting friends and family from their respective hometown. Time to turn the tables around. The entire "Showtime"  family flew to Dubai to be with the madlang people in the Dubai Airport Expo. Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Billy Crawford, Vice Ganda, Kuya Kim Atienza, Jugs, Teddy and I were joined by hurados Jon Avila and Mr. Danny Buenafe, News Bureau Chief of ABS-CBN Middle East and Europe.

    Four teams including Artistic Revolutionaries and the Filipino Dance Sport & Social Club bested several others through online auditions while the hosts performed for Pinoys in Dubai. Watawat Dance Crew and KSA Knight Movers went home with AED10,000 each and the title of being winners of "Kabayan…It's Showtime."

    Beyond work, the "Showtime" family went to Dubai to bond with the madlang people and with each other. Here are some of the pics from that super fun trip that coincided

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  • Island Creamery
    Serene Centre, #01-03 10 Jalan Serene
    Telephone No: 64688859
    Opening hours: 11am - 10pm
    Website: http://www.islandcreamery.com/

    After eating at La Petite Cuisine, we had enough space in our tummies and enough budget for some dessert. And so my Sunday food trip continued with my "Kitchen Musical" cast-mate Ikey Canoy who plays Pastry Chef Winston and Pohlian Chong from our show's casting department.

    As you may very well know from the Digestive Sisters series (watch out for new episodes shot in Australia), I am the "resident ulam girl" as my sister Nicolo/Coco calls me which means I favor savory food over desserts. This is the reason why, it is always a treat for me to find dessert that I love.

    I love Island Creamery so much that I finished a tub of Teh Tarik in my apartment in Singapore.

    And there was an entire day, when I bugged everyone on the set to buy me some Island Creamery ice cream!!!

    What i love about island creamery:

    Cute interiors

    Nice place to

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  • La Petite Cuisine
    10 Jalan Serene, Singapore
    +656314 3173

    I was tucked away in Singapore for four months to shoot a TV series called the Kitchen Musical.  I play Maddie, a sous chef in a French restaurant called the Avilon. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can catch the show every Saturday, 7:30 PM on Studio 23 in the Philippines and on AXN Asia).

    I spent an entire month preparing for my role: dance classes with Australian choreographer Jason Coleman, script reading sessions with our director cheeK and kitchen boot camp with Chef Horst to familiarize ourselves in a restaurant's kitchen.  It was during that period of time when I discovered that I wasn't exactly mad about French cuisine. And that was...

    Problem # 1

    I love food! That much you may already know from watching the "Digestive Sisters" blogs with Nicole but French food in particular never was my favorite.  French food and the fancy ambience associated with it has always intimidated me. Save for this scenario:


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  • A postcard from Singapore

    Karylle (Jerome Ascano, NPPA Images)

    I worked on the Roadtrip album for almost three years (written in trips to Boracay, Vigan, Baguio, Tagaytay, etc.) and when it was finally time to release it, I wasn't even able to promote it because I was headed to the biggest "roadtrip" of my life... The Kitchen Musical. Today, I happily share with you snippets of my life in Singapore, the setting of our little TV show. It was a little lonely sometimes because it was my first time to be away from home... four months at that. The upside was that I really felt loved because my family and friends would visit me almost every weekend, I kid you not. Now, it's time to share the love...

    Here's one of the songs I co-wrote with Sponge Cola lead vocalist Yael Yuzon.

    Think of this as my postcard to you from Singapore...that arrived very very late =) haha!

    A special thank you to Nelson from The Kitchen Musical- @juwanda_TFBB for letting me bake with you in your Fabulous Baker Boy Kitchen as well as being a part of this music video. Please

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