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  • The Digestive Sisters at 2nd'sA good friend of ours Robin Nievera told us to check out his new favorite place, 2nd's, at Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City owned by his cousin Luigi Tabuena along with some other partners.

    OMG! The food is fabulous! When we heard about the bacon chicharon, we knew that this would be an adventure that would require a certain amount of exercise afterwards.

    Watch out for the Digestive Sisters' next blogs because we are going international.  We will share our new food adventures from Australia, London and Amsterdam. Yahoo!

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  • Karylle and Christian Bautista (NPPA Images)Karylle and Christian Bautista (NPPA Images)On the set of our new TV Series "Kitchen Musical," I asked Christian Bautista about his new movie "A Special Symphony (Simfoni Luar Biasa)" shot in Indonesia.

    The movie is showing right now in cinemas all over the Philippines.  It will premiere in Indonesia on September 27.

    Christian or Ian plays a teacher.  In real life, it's his brother Joshua who is actually an English teacher in their hometown Cavite.  We know a lot about Christian the singer, the actor and the dancer (that's right-watch out for his smooth moves in the Kitchen Musical on AXN & Studio 23 this October) but I thought it would be fun to get to know what he was like back in school.

    Grade School: Cavite School of St. Mark & International Christian Academy (Grade 5 onwards)

    Did you ever wonder what Ian was like in Grade School. You'll never believe that he was such a naughty boy!

    "When I was in grade school, I had a friend named Martin and we went out to the field to set some traps for our fellow classmates. So, we dug a

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  • Tag you’re hit

    Arch1pelago (Contributed photo)Arch1pelago (Contributed photo)I have a very long rant about the state of the music industry in the Philippines but I'm not gonna share it with you...today.

    Today, I'm choosing to be proactive. There's an idea that's been bugging me for a long time now and it will hopefully give us a broader look at what Filipino musicians are up to nowadays.

    From a roadtrip, let's go on a little sound trip...

    The Mechanics:

    Step #1
    I will TAG 2 Filipino artists whose songs are on my PLAYLIST.

    Step #2
    I will feature those artists and add the map to their basic Web Profile (website, Twitter, Facebook fanpage, iTunes, you know the drill)

    Step #3
    The featured artists in turn will TAG 2 Filipino artists whose songs are in their respective PLAYLISTS.

    Repeat Step 2 then 3 again and again and again...

    It will look a little something like this:

    Step X:  I will also ask other people to start their own "branches" to add to the fun.  You can also join later on, I'll update you on how to do so.

    THE MUSIC PROJECT: Tag you're hit!

    Let's play:

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  • Mad about Sakae Candle

    Karylle trying the Sakae Candle in Sakae Sushi in Singapore.Karylle trying the Sakae Candle in Sakae Sushi in Singapore.Restaurant: Sakae Sushi, Singapore


    Hi guys! Greetings from Singapore! I'm starting a new food blog series since I can't always blog with my "Digestive Sister" Nicole, who is graduating very soon (Yahoo! Congrats Nicole!).  But watch out for our new webisodes as she is on vacation at the moment.  I'm hoping to see her here for our first international food blog =)

    I'd like to introduce you to the "Mad About Food" series named after my character Maddie from the TV series "The Kitchen Musical."   Please watch out for it in Manila on Studio 23. It will also be aired on AXN Asia.



    P.S. Just want to say thank you for supporting my album "Roadtrip." I hope that you can continue to vote for the OMG music video on MYX.  I'm so happy because it's still on the MYX charts.

    Text this to 2366:


    After my New York trip where I celebrated Philippine Independence Day with the gorgeous Pinoys there, I had a short lay-over in Japan on my way back to

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  • With @jerichorosales at Times Square in New York in a Joey Samson.With @jerichorosales at Times Square in New York in a Joey Samson.If you ask me "what's up?" The keywords would be:

    Jetlag. OFW. TFC.

    Comprendes? No?

    OK, let me try to speak in sentence form this time.

    1.  Jetlag:  I still have jetlag because I just came from an amazing Philippine Independence Day celebration in New York last week.

    2.    Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW): Independence Day this year is my first Sunday day off in years. I am now an "OFW" in Singapore where we are rehearsing for the TV series "The Kitchen Musical." I don't feel homesick because there are 4 other Filipinos in the cast- Christian Bautista, Ikey Canoy, Thou Reyes and Art Acuna not to mention an estimated 150,000 Filipinos in Singapore. Every time I see someone do the traditional "double eyebrows raise" salutation, I know that I've found a friend from back home.

    3.    The Filipino Channel (TFC): I've spent the entire morning glued to TFC watching the "Showtime" monthly finals which made me smile and laugh a lot. I am not ashamed to say that I am saving money, so, I was super

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  • Karylle with mom Zsa Zsa (Photo from Karylle)Karylle with mom Zsa Zsa (Photo from Karylle)

    It's that beautiful time of year again when our loving moms  take a day off to be treated like a "Queen."

    To give you an idea of what this blog entry is about, I'll start off by sharing that my mom asked for Manny Pacquiao boxing match tickets.  I was surprised at the request since Mother's day was always more of a lunch or dinner activity in my head but then I remembered that my mom has always been a fan of one of country's biggest heroes.

    As the world evolves, so do the people that inhabit it and in turn even the stereotypes that some believe to be absolute truth.  Let me just share how my mom proves some statements wrong.

    "It's all downhill after 40"

    In the 80s, mama ruled the music scene with her songs like Hiram, Point of No Return, Mambobola, and Ikaw Lamang. The hits came with the cobra hairdo, denim mini skirts and fuchsia pink outfits that have made a comeback in the fashion scene more than twice in the last decade.  It earned her the adjective "fabulous" and aptly enough, Dr.

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  • Stamp of Approval: Gelatissimo

    Digestive sisters (K and Coco) try out Gelatissimo (Janie Octia, Yahoo! Southeast Asia)Digestive sisters (K and Coco) try out Gelatissimo (Janie Octia, Yahoo! Southeast Asia)I've been on a mission to be healthier. I sometimes fail and I sometimes try too hard but the conscious effort to eat better is there. This pretty much explains why I've been in love with yogurt for the past year. But with the summer season in full bloom, my  self-confessed sweet toothed sister Nicole has opened my heart once again to other glorious desserts other than yogurt.

    In keeping with the free taste tradition of kuripot people everywhere (such as myself), the digestive sisters sampled various flavors in Gelatissimo. I enjoyed seeing Coco's eyes light up as she shared the combos she concocted during her school days in Australia. She made me try raspberry sorbet and white chocolate. It's not a mix I would ever think of but she held my hand and told me not to fear mixing sorbet and dairy because it's delicious. For the adventurous, she recommends a mix of chocolate and more chocolate. Lalanggamin ka sa sarap!

    Many thanks to the Gelatissimo staff. Thank you also to the owners from

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  • Stamp of Approval: Alexandre

    Digestive sisters Karylle and Nicole (Janie Octia, Yahoo! Southeast Asia)Digestive sisters Karylle and Nicole (Janie Octia, Yahoo! Southeast Asia)Something about Alexandre makes me want to twirl around and bust out Belle's opening song in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast."


    There goes the baker with his tray, like always
    The same old bread and rolls to sell
    Ev'ry morning just the same
    Since the morning that we came
    To this poor provincial town


    Good Morning, Belle!


    Good morning, Monsieur.


    And where are you off to, today?


    The bookshop.
    I just finished the most wonderful story
    About a beanstalk and an ogre and a -


    That's nice. Marie!
    The baguettes!
    Hurry up!

    Alexandre brings to The Fort (and soon in Megamall) something authentically French. The baked goodies are to die for. I often find myself there to get my weekly stock of croissants and other pastries that I eat for breakfast right before "Showtime" :) The sweets are also wonderful as you will see from my sister's sparkly eyes in this video blog post.

    The interiors are beautiful and the people who eat there are from all over the world which

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  • The "Digestive Sisters" are back due to popular demand and this time, we attack Mercato Centrale at these coordinates:

    The corner of 30th Street and 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City

    In this two-part special, we explore the organic market section and healthy food section, as well as the cakes, pastries, desserts and grilling sections.

    Nicole and I, Ate "K", hope you enjoy our new videos as we go berserk in a wonderland of food.

    Thank you to RJ Ledesma for the earth-friendly Mercato shopping band and apron :)

    For more information, please check outwww.mercatocentrale.ph

    Video co-produced by Yahoo! Southeast Asia and loqal.ph


    I love Sunday food markets but I could never go because of work. Every time there's a Pacquiao fight, I have my day-off from ASAP (a Sunday noontime show in ABS-CBN) and organize a little family day outing complete with doggies.

    Thankfully, I no longer have to wait for a boxing match to enjoy a market day because Mercato Centrale (open Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00

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  • I'm not a connoisseur but I'm a big fan of many things.

    When it comes to food, I can eat 'tuyo' everyday but when I taste something great, I rave about it for days. When it comes to traveling, I love going on little adventures with my mom and my sisters Nicole and Zia. The list of my favorite things grows longer everyday and you can click here to learn more about my latest finds.

    Watch my first food blog with my sister Nicole and find out if Amber's 'pichi-pichi' is worthy of our "Stamp of Approval!"

    Video co-produced by Yahoo! Southeast Asia and loqal.ph

    Disclaimer: The views and observations of the author do not represent the position of Yahoo! Southeast Asia on the issue or topic being discussed.

    Pichi-pichi courtesy of Amber Golden Chain of Restaurants.

    Editor's Note: Yahoo! Philippines Entertainment was created in late 2010 as part of the lead up to the launch of Yahoo! Philippines OMG. The site included a number of blog posts, and many of these posts received comments from our

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