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Perfect pairs

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Love is in the air. Sometimes, it's nice to think of love in terms of metaphors. One of my favorite lines about love can be found in the Barbra Streisand classic Evergreen. She sings "love soft as an easy chair," to which rap group Salbakuta replies with the word "stupid" in their anthemic rap song "Stupid Love."

It was a bitter twist to the love song because a lot of love stories do turn sour. That's why this Valentine's day, I look to food to find love. Some pairings are traditional and some are strange, let's take a look at some perfect pairings from my friends on Twitter. Maybe we can apply some or most of these pairings to this day of hearts!

This is my own personal list of favorite food pairings:

1. French fries and caramel sundae
2. Atchara and chicharon (I learned this from a family of Pampangeños)
3. Champorado and tuyo (This used to be our midnight snack in Lireo where we taped for Encantadia)
4. Chokolate and grilled Mary Grace ensaimada (I tried this in my Tita's house during New Year's eve)
5. Max fried chicken with banana catsup/worchestersire sauce mix (sorry I'm trying my best to keep it as a pair!!)

As the saying goes, #itsmorefuninthephilippines. This is true especially when it comes to food!

@wel_mcd Ilocos empanada and batac miki
@iamaldwinsantos Manggang kinalabaw and Bagoong batangas (maanghang o matamis) or Bagoong Balayan
@allaboutyassie    Champorado (with coconut milk)and danggit tuyo from Cebu
@corosa101 Batangas Chokolate (hot chocolate) and Kanin (called Chokolate sa kanin)
@RyanJayBeee Fried tilapia and Buro from Nueva Ecija
@xtianbautista Puto bungbong or bibingka and chokolate

One thing I love about Filipino food is the sawsawan factor. There was a restaurant I went to that had a sunka board as the container for various sawsawan. It was sauce heaven!

@AUDYliciouss crispy kangkong and mayo
@DULCEtweets Pritong isda and Sinantol dip
@rkdime @paunawa @ilovemicajordin Toasted bread/pandesal and kape
@staceygamir Pritong tilapia and bagoong
@cherii07 Donut and Hot chocolate
@gurlyrizada Fried tilapia and Ensaladang mangga
@angeLakwatsera snickers and Vanilla ice cream

Here are some traditional and random pairings. It's interesting to find out what other people love to eat =)

@JuneBatanes Mami and Siopao
@chrissy_abancio Sinigang and Tuyo
@sgmumsy fried crispy adobong galunggong and ginisang munggo
@yanaduerme Goto or plain lugaw and Tokwa't baboy
@jerlizgassmen Lasagna and Garlic bread
@livelyjewel Itlog na pula and Tuna
@stapegs_ Tocino and Itlog na maalat
@JepVolante Monggo and Galungong
@tricy4u Lumpia and Balut
@Jownabells Burger and fries

Next to rice, pancit seems like a staple food for Pinoys, especially people who need a quick meal at home for merienda or a midnight snack. Maiba lang or just for a change of pace, here are some yummy and some strange concoctions that my friends shared over twitter.

Pancit Partners

@chriselleaddict Sardines and noodles
@iamAcy Nilagang itlog and Pancit canton
@rosananieva Dinuguan and Pancit
@bambinelli Balsalmic vinegar (+cayenne pepper) and Pancit
@tinnamariaboni Ice-cold soda and Piping hot instant pancit canton
@keithdadipanda Ketchup and Pancit canton
@ellizadawn banana/tomato ketchup and Pancit bihon
@itsmexiaojini @LaraLovesCEBU @carmela_una @inlovewith_abe @shintian17 @yknij06 Hard boiled egg and Pancit http://yfrog.com/h7bg7oyij
@shizitscai @larlaprincipe @maryagracia siomai and Instant pancit
@mgrodriguez02 monay and Instant pancit
@anaknijose @annjadu @janebabsy @DenCabrera Pandesal and Pancit (palaman)
@bea_marangga Knorr calamansi liquid seasoning and Instant pancit
@leahdano Cream cheese and Instant pancit
@jt_1404 Sunny side up eggs and Instant pancit
@dadadandana @glenver Canned tuna and Instant pancit
@33myeisha91 Rice and Instant pancit
@fogladz Beef pares sauce and Original flavor pancit canton
@micdonnz1129 camote taps salad and instant pancit
@smileymaui abalone xo sauce and Instant pancit
@beccabooby fried siomai (with lots of chili) and Chilimansi pancit canton
@rosecavello sauteed chicken flakes, onion leeks and basil in olive oil. Has that gourmet taste. :) and instant pancit
@ronaldvillaflor @paopareja13 skyflakes and Instant pancit
@abg_0615 Spicy vinegar and instant pancit
@jhoqueen Boiled egg na malasado pa! (half-cooked, soft-boiled) and instant pancit
@micdonnz1129 Fried shrimps in butter and instant pancit
@Mackyboy168 chizwiz and Instant pancit
@troyski22o Squid balls and Instant pancit
@Mikegotskills Garlic bread and Instant pancit

Was that list too unhealthy for you? Here are a list of food pairings that involve fruits. We sure know how to make fruits unhealthy! Haha

@mgrodriguez02 kamatis and itlog na maalat
@yknij06 @ravereinsyahooo @TinzBernal @rkdime @KimchiuPBB @ybelempire @cheriza911 @buzzlazo mangga and bagoong
@paopareja13 Grapes and cheese
@larlaprincipe Ensladang mangga and daing
@chal_28 Nilagang saging na saba and bagoong
@vanessa041890 Apple and Peanut butter
@jownabells Mangga and alamang
@simplymextian Banana and Hot milk
@smileymaui kinudkod na bunga ng niyog and alamang
@carl_delf nilagang hilaw na saging and maanghang na ginamus (spicy anchovy sauce)
@sgmumsy @jiggsnava Manggang hinog and suman
@Fauscea Indian mango and toyo na may sugar as sawsawan

Popular Pairings =) These could win the best love-team awards!

@mhojaezie @wonDERFulDERF @detejet @OhitsMEjanice @jaja_coolz30 @TinzBernal @rowenalatorre @ellerae15 @agayajane @roz1794 Dinuguan and puto
@ellerae15 @wainblue @ronaldvillaflor @heal_lange @vanessa041890 @iamaldwinsantos @iamyulsarzuelo @smileymaui @wauibernabe Sundae (hot fudge) or ice cream or cone twirl and French fries

Hope that made you hungry! Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope to see you at our post-Valentine's concert at Resort's World Manila on February 29, 2012.


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