2PM's show in Tokyo successfully finished

2PM had a great time with their fans in Japan.

On February 19th, 2PM had a concert in Tokyo, and met up with 12,000 fans.

Prior to the concert, 2PM topped in three different music charts with their second full Japanese album, 'LEGEND OF 2PM', and they shared the great joy with their fans. 'LEGEND OF 2PM' showed 2PM's overflowing charisma and energy, and many fans showed explosive reactions when it was first released.

Even though it has been less than a week since it was released, it topped in Oricon, HMV, and Tower Records' weekly charts.

2PM said, "We always wanted to be with the fans whenever something good happened to us. It was great to have such a wonderful time with the fans who always show the same amazing love."

On the other hand, 2PM will have another concert at Tokyo Dome in April.

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