′A Gentleman′s Dignity′ Gets Highest Ratings in Its History

SBS′ A Gentleman′s Dignity has hit a new high in viewership ratings.

According to June 24 data from AGB Nielsen Media Research, the June 23 broadcast of A Gentleman′s Dignity recorded 18.6 percent in viewership ratings. Its numbers showed a two percent rise compared to its last 16.6 percent rating.

The drama′s ninth episode was mostly about the romance between Seo Yi Su (Kim Ha Neul) and Kim Do Jin (Jang Dong Gun). After her crush on Im Tae San (Kim Soo Ro) goes public, Yi Su enters a conflict with Hong Se Ra (Yoon Se Ah). To step away from ruining Tae San and Se Ra′s relationship, Yi Su announces that she loves Do Jin.

To this, Do Jin turns a cold shoulder at the thought that Yi Su merely used him as a tool to avoid hurting Tae San and Se Ra. Yi Su tries to apologize to Do Jin after learning that the person she truly loves is him, but he ignores her completely.

Later on Do Jin realizes that he still loves Yi Su, and whispers, "If you′re not going to sleep with me, stop tempting me," in her ear to show that he′s not mad at her anymore in his own way.

MBC′s Dr. Jin, which airs in the same time slot, garnered 13.1 percent in viewership ratings. The gap between it and A Gentleman′s Dignity widened as Dr. Jin′s ratings dropped 0.9 percent compared to the drama′s last.

Photo credit: SBS

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