All about celebrity red carpet looks - 2013 Chinese Film Festival

[by Park Yoon jin / translated by Joy Kim] 2013 Chinese Film Festival opened at 16th of June at Seoul, CGV Yeoido branch. 

The main theme of the festival was ‘Meet the best faces from Chinese movies’. For the opening film, director Wong Karwei’s The Grand Master (2012) was selected. Also the main casts of the movie, Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi visited Korea to meet the fans.   

Korean actress Song Hye gyo also starred in the movie and joined the photo wall event and enjoyed camera splash with Zhang Ziyi showing off her red carpet look in gorgeous white mini dress. 

Red carpet is a scene for actresses in fabulous gowns and actresses. For the red carpet of 2013 Chinese Film Festival, actress Moon So ri, Han Ye ri, and Park Shin hye attended the event. Here are the fashion reports about celebrities on red carpet. 

Zhang Ziyi, like a butterfly  

Zhang Ziyi made her first appearance at Incheon Airport on 14th of June. She looked natural in pink t-shirt and shorts. For the accessories she matched with sunglasses and black fedora. 

Two days later, she was a gorgeous butterfly on red carpet receiving camera splash from the press and fans. She wore ethnic mini dress with unique sleeve design. Shoulder and arm parts are detached. Different design and prints at front and back gave interesting twist to her fashion.  

With prints, you don’t need to wear accessories. At an important meeting or occasion, wear prints to stand out. Mixture of black, grey, and white gives refined, cool image. 

Song Hye gyo, goddess like white dress  

It was nice to see Song Hye gyo on official event because she hasn’t shown to cameras after hit drama SBS That Winter The Wind Blows. She proved herself on red carpet with top class attitude and style. Her pure white mini dress shined at red colored photo wall. 

Her puff sleeves with volume looked feminine and peplum styled dress looked elegant. The beaded details on neckline and sleeve add style to the dress. With the dress she chose to wear heels in nude tone to look taller. 

One of the fashion trends of 2013 is to emphasize the silhouette of women’s body. Among various designs, balloon shaped sleeves have soft, refined look. Shirring is also one of the feminine details. When choosing the outfits in simple design, avoid color and prints and look out for the details; puff sleeves, peplum style, and shirring. 

Han Ye ri vs Moon So ri – See-through vs Goddess like dress 

Actress Han Ye ri looked impressive on red carpet. With bright, refined skin she wore a deep red lip stick. On the red carpet, she wore blue based dress with flower prints. Also she emphasized her waist line with a belt. Interesting part of her dress was below the belt, the fabric was made of see-through material and her leg line was exposed.  

Actress Moon So ri chose white sleeveless dress. With a black belt she shoed perfect styling of black and white. She looked like a goddess. 

It is expected that mini dresses will be on trend for the 2013 summer season. According to fashion brand Jessi New York, “Now artistic prints are utilized to the designs. More and more customers are looking for smart looks and look stylish with single item.” 

Also maxi dresses are recommended. It’s long silhouette and sleeveless design will boost the confidence. If the length of the dress is uncomfortable, go for the designs with unbalanced cuts. (photo by Jessie New York, bntnews DB) 

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