B.A.P proves friendship with Secret, visits the girls at Music Bank

[by Joy Kim] K-pop boy group B.A.P visited Secret at the girls’ comeback stage at KBS Music Bank proving their friendship. 

The youngest member of B.A.P, Zelo wrote a message to Secret on his Tweeter (@ZELO96) to support Secret’s comeback. He wrote “B.A.P went a surprise visit to support Secret’s comeback stage at Music Bank! Please love Secret’s new dance moves!” and also uploaded a photo. 

From the photo, members of Secret and B.A.P are showing one of the dance moves of Secret’s new song ‘YooHoo’ with smiles. Secret and B.A.P are in same agency, TS Entertainment and they are well known for their friendship. 

Meanwhile, Secret has released their fourth mini album ‘Letter From Secret’ and new song ‘YooHoo’ on 30th of April and began their promotion at KBS Music Bank and planned to have comeback stages at other music programs. (photo by TS Entertainment)   

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