[Video] B1A4 Sings You to Sleep in a Bedroom Concert

Following the success of single Sleep Well, Good Night, the B1A4 members are getting really intimate with their fans through a ‘Bedroom Concert’ video series released in conjunction with their spread in the July issue of CeCi magazine.

The videos, which were produced exclusively for the magazine’s iPad edition, were uploaded onto the magazine’s official YouTube channel on July 4 and feature each member singing a snippet of his favorite “goodnight song” and sharing a juicy bedroom-related (G-rated, mind you) detail about himself.

Leader Jin Young serenades us with B2ST’s Should I Hug You or Not before spilling about what he wore to sleep the night before, saying “Yesterday, I went to sleep wearing blue shorts that a fan gave me. I think I was able to have sweet dreams because I wore that.”

P.S. For a sneak peek at Jin Young′s underwear, pause at 0:35. (You′re welcome.)

San Deul lulls you to sleep with Ra.D’s I’m in Love before telling us about one of his favorite dreams.

He says, “In my dream, my teeth fell out, but new, stronger teeth grew in. So, when I woke up, I thought, ‘This is strange.’ I felt weird, so I looked it up, and [dreaming about] your teeth falling out is a bad dream, but if you dream about new, stronger teeth growing in, it’s supposedly a really good dream. From all of the good dreams I’ve dreamt thus far, I think I was able to gain the greatest luck from that dream, and that’s why I’m happy and feel like only good things will happen.”

Baro mixes it up with a rap from B1A4’s Because of You and shares how he woke up from a good dream the morning of the shoot because of fellow member San Deul’s loud movements.

CNU sweetens the mood with Robin Thicke’s The Sweetest Love and shares his nighttime ritual, saying “Before I fall asleep, I have a habit of thinking back on what happened during the day, whether I made any mistakes, what I did well—a time of self-reflection? And I think about tomorrow’s schedule. I think a lot.”

Gong Chan sings Shin Seung Hoon’s I Believe then spills on which member he once caught talking in his sleep.

Photo credit: CeCi

Reporter : Nancy Lee (nancylee@cj.net)
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