Beauty Mentor Kim Jung min met Puttipong Thailand plastic surgeon

[by Kang Jung yeon] Hot icon in Korean beauty industry is definitely Kim Jung min. She is on the beauty variety program, Get It Beauty, as a beauty mentor. During the show, she explains things in a simple way so that anyone can understand.

Now the girls in their teenage and 30s are calling her as a Style Icon. Beauty Mentor Just like trying to approve this, good news of Kim Jung min has been heard.

She will be the cover girl for the magazines in Thailand; Cosmetic and Hi. The pictorial will be taken with Puttipong Poomsuwan who has been chosen as one of the 100 most powerful people in Thailand. This is specially because Cosmetic magazine have been used a professional models or celebrities, but this time a plastic surgeon and Kim Jung min is making the cover.

To the question why he chose to be on the cover with Kim Jung min, Puttipong replied, I wanted to let people know my image of bringing the plastic surgery skill from Korea. He showed his interest in the program Get It Beauty.

He said, there is no case of beauty program being do popular and influence in Thailand. I also commented that I choose Kim Jung Min because he would rather be with beauty mentor than being with the celebrities in drama or movie. Puttipong complimented Kim Min jung as a Beauty Idol.

Kim Min jung said when first heard of the offer she was confused. However soon she felt so excited because she heard that the Bangkok is trendy in fashion and beauty. She also said that she heard the news that there is a K-beauty boom with K-wave, and she wants to experience it.

She talked about her feeling about public calling her a beauty mentor. It gives her a little pressure that she has to be pretty and beautiful because the beauty advice or recommendation will be more believable coming out of beautiful girl. However she is grateful for her title.

In fact Puttipong is the very first plastic surgeon who brought and introduced Korean plastic surgery skill into Thailand. Actually he couldn\'t hide himself as an interview during the interview. 

When asked who the perfect celebrity to him is, he replied that there is no perfect person. He said perfect person can’t exist. He even said that perfect is imperfect. He playfully recommended filler on her cheeks smiling. They looked intimate together.

People all over the world want to be beautiful. There is no boundary in desire of wanting to be more beautiful. What would be the biggest beauty concern in Thailand and Korea? Puttipong said the biggest concern of Thailand woman is skin aging and skin loose. However, there can be a side effect in plastic surgery, so he recommended minimal surgical face lift. Filler or Botox is much safer than surgery.

Beauty mentor Kim Jung min said, biggest concern between Korean women is aging also. She said the ultimate goal of all the skin care such as skin whitening, spot treatment, and trouble care wants to be look younger.

Every girl in the world wants to be beautiful. Puttipong and Kim Jung min is very different but they have common that they both seek for beauty and helps people to be more beautiful. Hope there will be a synergy effect between two beauty-seekers.

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