[Beauty pictorial] What makes Seo In young a spring goddess?

[by Park Jin jin / translated by Chloe Yun ] Singer Seo In young released makeup pictorial to celebrate the launch of new mascara. 

Cosmetic brand Coreana launched first-ever 2 level transformation mascara in Korea and released special pictorial which fully portrays Seo In young’s feminine, glamorous charm. 

Last year, Seo In Young launched her own beauty brand ‘Edgy Fit’ in collaboration with Coreana Cosmetic, and she recently shot seasonal beauty pictorial for brand new ‘Kill Heel Swing Mascara.’ Seo In young creates a lovely look with pony tail and short hair style. 

Seo In young shows off her feminine, lovely charm with peachy cheeks and deep eyes, which is a 180 change from her signature powerful, charismatic look on the stage. The pictorial shows Korea’s representative sexy diva’s new look. 

This pictorial was especially meaningful for her, not only because it was for her own make-up line Edgy-Fit,’ but because she actually used the new product ‘Kill Heel Swing Mascara’ for the pictorial cut.  

A staff from Coreana said, “Kill Heel Swing Mascara’ has both straight and S-line twisted brushes, and each creates different looks. We first broadcast-sold a special makeup kit which consists of 13 Edgy-Fit items—which includes three Kill Heel Swing Mascaras, three Kill Heel Line and Mascaras, three 3 nail stickers, and Jelly Swing Holder, Kill Heel Auto Pencil liners—only for 69,800 won. Most customers had high satisfaction with their make-up kits.”   (photo by Coreana Cosmetics)

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