[Beauty Report] Reasons behind hit items

[by Seo Ji yeon / translated by Joy Kim] Every hit item has its own reasons and laws. Which means it is possible to predict what public wants. 

What would be hottest trend in beauty industry at the moment? To understand the trend, it is important to look at public’s pattern. Consumers are now starting to think expensive items are not always the best item. 

So beauty industry is beginning to change as well. They size down the price and concentrate on functions. Consumers are also changing. They prefer online stores which are cheaper and look for actual reviews rather than reading commercials. 

By looking at examples of consumer’s behavior and marketing strategies of beauty industry, it is possible to read latest beauty trend. 

▶ Smart consumers and online beauty shopping mall 

One of the best parts of online shopping mall is there are no limits to time and place. It is perfect for people who are too busy to go shopping. Also it is possible to compare with other products. In that case, offline shopping is not convenient as online shopping. 

So many of online shopping malls are providing service which compare prices between different products. It is one of the popular services. 

Also online shopping malls are cheaper than offline stores. They can minimize the distribution structure and reduce the price. By using online shopping mall and through their various promotion events, it is possible to shop in reasonable prices.   
Experience before making decisions, using samples 

Young women prefer personal experience rather than receiving information. To meet their needs, now there are products and services providing chance to experience the product before buying them. ‘Beauty Box’ is one of the services. When ordered, a box of different samples from different cosmetic brands is delivered.   

Beauty supporters are in trend. When new product is out, beauty brands recruits supporters to test and experience the product. Consumers also love the idea because they can experience the new product for free. 
As a part of marketing, sometime cosmetic company provide products in cheap prices. For example, RESKIN is now selling their facial mist in 90% off sale price. The brand official said they wished consumers to experience the product first. 

▶ Cut prices from marketing, products will prove its quality 

When the products are good enough, consumers will know right away. Some of the hit items have nick names. They are made by consumers. Nick names are often made after their effects or characteristics. Some has unique nicknames such as ‘Devil Cream’, ‘Angel Cream’ and ‘Bomb Cream’.  

One of the popular items is ‘Bomb Cream’. Without marketing, it soon became best seller of moisturizers. It was named after bomb because it contains huge amount of epidermal growth factor which effects like a bomb. 

After the hit of ‘Bomb Cream’ RESKIN released upgraded version of ‘Bomb Cream’ named ‘Super Bomber Cream’. (photo by RESKIN, bntnews DB) 

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